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Murder of President John F. Kennedy

A specialist on the murder of President John F. Kennedy, which took place in Dallas in the early 1960s, claims he can provide proof that the CIA was aware of it, and that the suspected shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, may have been an asset.

An expert on the killing of John F. Kennedy reportedly made statements this week to the effect that "this is an exceedingly serious assertion and it has enormous ramifications for the official version." Jefferson Morley's statements were reported in The Independent in the United Kingdom.

He also stated that Oswald was implicated in an undercover CIA operation three months prior to the assassination, which took place on November 22, 1963. He stated that at the time, the organization sought to blame the then-Cuban ruler Fidel Castro for an act that might then be used as a convenient excuse to launch a full-scale encroachment of the island nation of Cuba. He stated that Oswald was involved in the operation.

According to him, the generally acknowledged narrative of JFK's assassination is profoundly altered by his account of the events.

Morley made these comments during a press conference held on Monday by the Mary Farrell Foundation. The Mary Farrell Foundation is an organization that filed a lawsuit against the FBI and the CIA a month ago in an effort to urge both agencies to release every piece of classified information they continue to hold concerning the assassination. Morley's comments were made during this press conference. On December 15, the administration of Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to reveal certain papers related to the killing.

He said that the CIA was aware of a great deal more information about the lone shooter than they are openly admitting to now.

In a thread on Twitter, Morley noted that he had "been thinking about and researching operations related to JFK's assassination as of November 1994 when I interviewed James Angleton's longtime aide Jane Roman about the pre-assassination Oswald file." He linked to a story written by Roman in 1995 for the Washington Post about a project initiated by then-President Bill Clinton to make more JFK records public. Roman's article discussed an initiative launched by

"Roman's words aroused a lot of issues. "Twenty-eight years later, I will answer some of them," he remarked as he announced his event that would take place the next day at the National Press Club.

"I am asked, 'Is there a smoking gun?' all the time. The question that I want to ask is, "Was there a key piece of evidence in 'Spotlight'?" Did the movie 'She Said' include any smoking guns? No. There is no such thing as "smoking firearms" in investigative journalism. Instead, I state that "No, there isn't any smoking gun evidence of a JFK conspiracy," but I will also add that... There is evidence that is as clear as a blazing pistol that some top CIA personnel had a far greater interest in the unfortunate Lee Oswald while John F. Kennedy was still alive than they ever claimed. They conducted an operation of psychological warfare similar to COINTELPRO using the guy who would later be imprisoned for murdering John F. Kennedy," he added.

"This is a significant assertion that needs to be investigated in great detail. That, coupled with a study of its ramifications, is something I very much look forward to. Is this operation proof that the CIA was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Or the ineptitude of the CIA?" After that, Morley proceeded. My good buddy Gerald Posner, who tweets under that handle, admitted to Tucker Carlson a year ago that he had a tendency toward stupidity. In most cases, I do not consider the CIA to be lacking in professionalism. Full JFK disclosure is the only way to get an answer to this issue.

"The Oswald operation, which has not been made public, reveals three things to us. In the first place, it sheds light on the corrosive impact that covert action has on democratic processes in the United States. The researcher stated, "It is a reminder of why former President Harry Truman asked for the elimination of the secret service 1 month after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy."

"Thirdly, it sheds light on the CIA's stubbornness when it comes to complying with the Kennedy Records Act. This bill, which was approved by Congress without any dissent, established October 2017 as the target date for the completion of all JFK disclosures. Since then, the CIA has been in violation of the statutory deadline three times, according to what he indicated.

What plans does the CIA have on the 15th of December? Practice complete disclosure? Or insist on even more privacy? He continued by saying that this narrative is a straightforward straightforward test of Biden's rule on JFK disclosures.

"Third, if the CIA does not practice complete transparency by Dec. 15—if it does not generate the 44 records I've identified—it will be simply recognizing that the story I say is substantially true, to profound implications for the official narrative that a 'lone gunman' killed JFK," he added. "Fourth, if the Intelligence community does not exercise full disclosure by Dec. 15, it will be recognizing that the story I tell is sufficiently significant, with huge ramifications for the official story that

Just solely on the movements of Kennedy's body after being shot several times, most people who've already viewed the historic Zapruder video that caught the assassination think that there was more than a gunman. This is because of how Kennedy moved after being shot.

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