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A proposal to make schools more inclusive has been approved by the National Education Union (NEU), which is the largest teaching union in the United Kingdom. The motion calls for the establishment of LGBT+ spaces and the invitation of drag queens and LGBT+ writers to talk in schools. Although members contested what they referred to as the "heteronormative culture and curriculum" that they feel is prevalent in education, the motion was ultimately successful in gaining approval.

Establishing Secure Environments for Transgender Students

Members of the NEU believe that the establishment of LGBT+ spaces in schools would create a risk-free setting in which transgender students will be able "to express, discuss, and explain their views, feelings, and experiences without fear." This move is being hailed as a great step towards the creation of a school atmosphere that is more welcoming and tolerant of all students.

Providing Assistance to LGBT+ Organizations

Other LGBT+ activities, such as drag queen storytime and inviting LGBT+ writers to speak in schools, have also received the NEU's commitment to supporting. The NEU has made this commitment. The "heteronormative culture and curriculum that dominates education" is the target of this initiative, which aims to oppose it.

There is much debate over the presence of drag queens in schools.

Unfortunately, there are other people who do not support these new efforts. Miriam Cates, a member of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, has voiced her worry about the fact that drag queens give a sexualized kind of adult entertainment that is not appropriate for children. Concerns have been voiced by members of parliament as well as organizations such as the Women's Rights Network over drag queen storytime in schools.

The NEU Offers a Defense of Its Position

The NEU is unwavering in its adherence to its policy in spite of the controversy. The union contends that the government is "creating a hostile environment" for transgender individuals by obstructing the plans for gender reform in Scotland. These plans would make it possible for individuals over the age of 16 to change their legal sex by signing a statutory declaration which would have been implemented in Scotland. According to the union, this has emboldened those on the extreme right to organize further attacks against drag queen storytime, which has created an environment in which hate crimes are more likely to flourish.

A Few Parting Thoughts

The decision made by the NEU to establish LGBT+ spaces and invite drag queens and LGBT+ writers to talk at schools has been met with mixed reactions from members of the public. Others have expressed worries over the children's safety and whether or not the setting is suitable for them, despite the fact that other people view it as a positive step toward making schools more welcoming to people of all backgrounds. Notwithstanding this, the NEU continues to be dedicated to the promotion of LGBT+ projects and the creation of a more tolerant and inclusive atmosphere for all of its students.

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