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special master review

On Monday, a judge in a federal court in the United States officially denied ex-president Donald Trump's petition for a special master to examine the records that were taken from his Mar-a-Lago home in August by the FBI. Trump had requested the examination.

According to the records, Florida District Judge Aileen Cannon, who was nominated by President Trump, denied the former president's plea "for the absence of jurisdiction" and postponed any hearings that were planned to take place on the subject.

This ruling comes after the 11th Circuit Court decided earlier this month that it was wrong for Cannon to assign an independent special maestro to evaluate Trump's executive privilege arguments and also to prevent the Justice Dept from conducting a review. The court reached its decision unanimously.

In October, the Department of Justice submitted a motion to the 11th Circuit Court requesting that the post of special master Raymond Dearie, who was in charge of monitoring the confiscated records from Mar-a-Lago, be eliminated. In the same month, the Supreme Court turned down a request by counsel for Trump to intervene in the case and give Dearie permission to study the materials.

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