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A judge officially rejects President Trump’s request for a s…

special master review

On Monday, a judge in a federal court in the United States formally rejected ex-president Donald Trump's petition for an unique master to analyze the records that were drawn from his Mar-a-Lago home in August by the FBI. Trump had actually asked for the assessment.

According to the records, Florida District Judge Aileen Cannon, who was chosen by President Trump, rejected the previous president's plea "for the lack of jurisdiction" and delayed any hearings that were prepared to happen on the topic.

's executive opportunity arguments and likewise to avoid the Justice Dept from carrying out an evaluation. The court reached its choice all.

In October, the Department of Justice sent a movement to the 11th Circuit Court asking for that the post of unique master Raymond Dearie, who supervised of keeping an eye on the taken records from Mar-a-Lago, be removed. In the exact same month, the Supreme Court refused a demand by counsel for Trump to intervene in the event and offer Dearie consent to study the products.

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