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Maxime Bernier Lambasts Pierre Poilievre’s Silence on Transgender Surgery Ban

In a scathing critique of federal Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre, Maxime Bernier, head honcho of the People's Party of Canada, didn't hold back. Bernier took to X (formerly Twitter) to unleash a verbal storm, accusing Poilievre of cozying up to the liberal agenda by backing Bill C-4. The bill, which Bernier vehemently opposes, puts the muzzle on parents and counselors trying to guide confused kids swayed by woke teachers pushing them to change their gender.

Poilievre's Silence Speaks Volumes

Bernier didn't stop there. He pointed out Poilievre's deafening silence on Alberta Premier Danielle Smith's bold move to put a lid on doctors performing gender-altering surgeries on minors. Instead of standing up for common sense, Poilievre opted for the sound of crickets, leaving his own MPs scratching their heads.

Conservatives: MIA on Transgenderism

Let's face it, when it comes to handling issues related to transgenderism, the Conservatives have a knack for disappearing into the woodwork. Remember Bill C-4? Yep, that one got a thumbs-up from Poilievre and crew, despite its draconian measures against anyone attempting to steer the gender ship back to reality.

Bernier vs. Poilievre: Clash of the Titans

Bernier, a vocal opponent of radical transgender ideology, minced no words in his critique of Poilievre. He called out Poilievre's past dalliances with the "trans lobby," claiming they've rendered him utterly irrelevant on the matter. Ouch. Looks like Poilievre painted himself into a corner with that one.

The Plot Thickens: Alberta's Stand Against Transgender Surgery

While Poilievre fumbled for a response, Alberta's Premier, Danielle Smith, was busy making waves with her no-nonsense approach to protecting kids from life-altering surgeries. Smith's proposed legislation would put the kibosh on "top and bottom" surgeries for minors, while also requiring parental consent for any school-related pronoun changes. Poilievre's response? Cue the crickets.

Conservatives in Crisis: Dodging the Tough Questions

When pressed about his conspicuous silence on Alberta's groundbreaking legislation, Poilievre deftly sidestepped the issue, pointing fingers at Trudeau's laundry list of failures. Classic diversion tactics, right? But hey, who needs answers when you can throw shade at the other guy?

A Ray of Hope: Conservative Governments Taking a Stand

While Poilievre plays political dodgeball, conservative-led governments in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have been quietly taking steps to shield kids from the more extreme facets of the transgender movement. Looks like someone's stepping up to the plate while others twiddle their thumbs.

Trudeau's Two Cents: Protecting Youth or Pushing Agenda?

Meanwhile, Trudeau and his cronies have been quick to condemn Smith's pro-family proposal, with Health Minister Mark Holland expressing deep concern. But hey, who needs parental rights when you've got a progressive agenda to push, right?

Conclusion: Poilievre's Silence Speaks Volumes

As Poilievre tiptoes around the issue, Bernier isn't pulling any punches. With Alberta leading the charge against radical transgender ideology, it's high time for Poilievre and his Conservative cohorts to pick a side. Will they stand up for common sense, or continue to cower in the shadows of political correctness? Only time will tell.

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