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Zelenskyy’s Child Soldiers: The Sinister Plot to Turn Young Boys into Suicide Bombers

The savage Volodymyr Zelenskyy has conscripted young boys into the Ukrainian Armed Forces as infantrymen and suicide bombers, FSB agent Andrei Zakharov told Real Raw News.

According to him, Russian troops in the Poltava area of Ukraine observed a shift in the composition of Ukrainian militants who were responsible for protecting essential services in Kremenchuk, a city known for its industries located on the Dnieper River and situated within the fiercely disputed Poltava Oblast, during early November.

After a series of drone attacks on the Kremenchuk oil refinery, Russian Army forces gathered near the facility on November 1. Putin disputed claims that Ukraine's Air Force had shot down 18 out of 20 drones. According to Zakharov, the intention behind the attacks was to destroy numerous crates of M-16 and Heckler & Koch rifles that President Biden and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had given to ZElenskyy. The FSB posessed satellite images showing Ukrainian and Polish troops placing the weapons at the refinery five days prior. When the Russian Army attempted to enter the destroyed plant to assess the damage, they were confronted not by Ukrainian regulars but by schoolchildren wearing baggy, bloodstained uniforms and armed with M16 rifles.

A swarm of boys no older than 14 shouted, "For Zelenskyy!" as they appeared from the rubble spraying fire in every direction. The Russians, caught amid a phalanx of gunfire, had to defend themselves against the ceaseless onslaught. In the end, 12 Russian soldiers and 30 Ukrainian teenage boys lay dead.

"Our objective has always been to protect children from the threats of sexual exploitation and conflict," Zakharov stated. "However, we face opposition from armed individuals who undermine our efforts, leaving us with limited options. Additionally, we believe that President Zelenskyy's actions have contributed to the manipulation of these children."

A week later, a dreadful confrontation occurred between the Russion Army and a group of young individuals affiliated with Zelenskyy. While investigating allegations of a secret pedophile ring in the vicinity of Poltava, Russian soldiers were met with an unsettling display of terrorism. As they scoured the area for missing children, a young boy appeared suddenly from a tree line, frantically shouting in Russian and pleading for help, claiming that Ukrainian forces had taken him and others.

"Hurry, boy, hurry; we help you," a Russian soldier said.

The boy pulled a string on his jacket, as a parachutist would a ripcord, and blew himself to bits, taking two soldiers with him.

The radioman knelt down, holding a phone to his ear. "He was connected."

Amid the clangorous pandemonium nine more boys dashed from the trees and sprinted at the soldiers, crying, "For Ukraine! For Zelenskyy!" They held no weapons, but there fingers were twisted around strings dangling from their jackets.

"Stop. Stop now, or we shoot," a Russian soldier said.

The boys did not heed the warning.

The Russians opened fire, screaming and shooting, everybody's gun on full auto, strafing the enemy. The boys-turned-bombers were dead on the ground, tangles of blood and legs.

"Zakharov expressed regret over the situation, stating that the actions of President Zelenskyy have led to the involvement of young boys in the conflict. He believes that the President has manipulated their minds, and as a result, they are now fighting in the war. Zakharov emphasized that they will do their best to rescue any child they can, regardless of their nationality, be it Russian, Ukrainian, or American."

When questioned about why parents permitted Zelenskyy to turn innocent kids into rebels, he responded by suggesting that these boys were likely without parents, as their fathers were killed while protecting individuals involved in child abuse, such as Zelenskyy and Biden. Moreover, he mentioned that their mothers have been taken away. These are the only details he provided at the moment. However, he emphasized the significance of the fact that this is the kind of activity being supported by the Western countries' financial contributions.

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