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The Rise of Council for Inclusive Capitalism: A Threat to Democracy and Free Markets

During the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, a little-known but significant organization called the "Council for Inclusive Capitalism" secretly emerged. Despite presenting itself as a champion of humanitarian principles, this group embodies the very fears that conspiracy theorists have expressed for a long time-- a centralized power that unites major multinational companies and governments, placing ideology above financial gain.

The entity in question, reminiscent of Orwellian control, aims to unite businesses in a collective effort that promotes globalism, socially conscious ideologies, and environmental activism. Its objective is to guide corporations towards adopting a left-leaning political stance and leveraging their influence to sway public opinion. This plan has been evidenced through the widespread implementation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives in corporate products and media.

Such intense indoctrination has coerced corporations into sacrificing profits for political motives, eroding the principles of a free market. Companies face a stark ultimatum: conform or risk being left behind, crushed under the weight of a socialist bureaucracy. Some may see this as a voluntary shift, perhaps enticed by promises of elevated governance roles in a "Great Reset" scenario.

These aligned companies' plan for survival includes getting close to governments, obtaining monopolies supported by the state, and benefiting from ongoing subsidies. By showing loyalty to woke ideologies, they might gain a "too woke to fail" reputation, which would protect them from facing public criticism.

This convergence of corporate and government power echoes Mussolini's concept of fascism-- a dangerous blend where the Council for Inclusive Capitalism embodies this authoritarian seed. Led by Lady Lynn de Rothschild, this group has amassed an army of partners, including corporate giants, governments, the UN, and even the Vatican.

At the core of their plans is the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a means of worldwide dominance. AI, which is widely celebrated as a game-changing power, is used as a justification for consolidating authority. The story unfolds in a familiar pattern: intentionally creating problems, overreacting to them, and then presenting their governance as the answer.

Lady Rothschild's remarks on AI suggest a caluculated plan to exploit the technology as a means of reconfiguring economic systems. Her disapproval of free markets is conspicuous, aligning with the ideals of control and intervention that are antithetical to the tenets of liberty inherent in free-market frameworks, such as those advocated by Adam Smith.

The arguments put forth in support of centralization are, in fact, the result of manipulation by those in power. The Council for Inclusive Capitalism and the Great Reset are tools created to further entrench the control of corporations and the elite.

The Council wields immense power, shaping the destiny of businesses, societal norms, and the distribution of resources. Their influence is so great that they are protected by governments from public scrutiny, and anyone who dares to question their authority is branded a villain and a threat to the greater good. This narrative is reinforced by the Council's portrayal of themselves as the saviors of humanity.

The crucial query persists: why rely on these privileged individuals to decide what is best for everyone or supervise important choices? The upcoming AI-powered administration is promoted as an impartial mediator, conveniently relieving those in authority of being held responsible.

In this shadowy narrative, AI becomes the omnipotent ruler-- a faceless algorithmic authority shielded from rebellion. It's a perfect guise for a technocratic elite to wield control over the world while evading culpability, using AI as a shield for their decisions.

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