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Will Trump Tell The TRUTH and Expose Big Pharma Now?

In this blog article, we delve into the pressing issue of childhood obesity in the United States and explore Donald Trump's stance on the matter. Discover how he plans to address the root causes, including the role of Big Pharma, and his proposal to establish a presidential commission for investigating the rise of chronic illnesses. Join us in understanding the urgency of this conversation and the potential impact on American families.

Childhood obesity has reached alarming proportions in the United States, affecting one in five American children. Furthermore, nearly half of their parents struggle with morbid obesity. This crisis has prompted Donald Trump, a 2024 presidential hopeful, to pledge his commitment to address this pressing issue if elected to office once again. In this blog article, we will explore Trump's perspective on the causes of increasing childhood obesity and his proposed solutions to tackle this epidemic.

 The Urgent Need to Address Childhood Obesity

A Multifactorial Crisis

The rise in childhood obesity is attributed to several factors, ranging from the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and chemical preservatives in the food supply to childhood vaccines, artificially fluoridated water, and pharmaceutical prescription drugs. It is a complex issue that demands immediate attention and comprehensive solutions.

Donald Trump's Perspective

In a recent video, Donald Trump addresses the problem of increasing childhood obesity and chronic illness, highlighting the factors he believes are responsible for this concerning trend. Trump questions whether it is the food children consume or the over-prescription of certain medications that contribute to these health challenges. He emphasizes that instead of spending enormous sums to treat chronic problems, it is crucial to investigate and address their underlying causes.

Trump's Vision: "Public Health and Environment" Protocols for Agenda 47

Holding Big Pharma Accountable

Trump's 2024 campaign platform introduces his "Public Health and Environment" protocols for Agenda 47, referring to his aspirations to become the 47th president of the United States. These protocols seem to directly target Big Pharma for its undeniable contributions to childhood obesity and chronic illness. Trump highlights the unexplained and alarming rise in conditions such as autism, autoimmune disorders, obesity, infertility, serious allergies, and respiratory challenges in recent decades.

Seeking the Root Causes

Despite the vast amounts spent on treating these health issues, little attention has been given to investigating their root causes. Trump's commitment lies in uncovering the hidden factors harming the population and eradicating them from American society. By focusing on understanding what is truly affecting the well-being of children and adults alike, Trump aims to implement effective strategies for prevention and treatment.

Challenging the Status Quo

Trump acknowledges the close ties between the public health establishment and Big Pharma, highlighting their financial interests. He firmly believes that tough questions must be asked regarding the impact of Big Pharma's practices on children's health. To ensure transparency and impartiality, Trump proposes the establishment of a special presidential commission composed of independent minds free from influence or monetary entanglements. Their primary task will be to investigate the underlying causes of the decades-long increase in chronic illnesses.

The Path Forward

Trump's Pledge for Accountability

Trump asserts that his unique understanding of Big Pharma positions him as the most qualified candidate to take on the industry and hold it accountable for potential crimes against humanity. He expresses the need for a long-overdue conversation and emphasizes that American families deserve answers.

A Step Towards Change

If elected, Trump aims to initiate transformative measures to address childhood obesity and chronic illnesses. By unveiling the truth behind these health challenges, he intends to empower American families with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding their well-being. Trump's commitment to establishing a presidential commission signals a significant shift in prioritizing public health and safeguarding future generations.


The increasing prevalence of childhood obesity and chronic illnesses demands urgent action. Donald Trump's campaign platform highlights his determination to confront this crisis head-on, focusing on the role of Big Pharma and its potential impact on public health. By proposing the creation of a special presidential commission, Trump aims to investigate the root causes behind these health challenges and hold accountable those who prioritize profits over people's well-being. With Trump's vision for change, there is hope for a healthier future for American children and families.

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