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America Legal First (ALF) exposes a secret journalist pool hired by the US government, revealing their role in propagating propaganda and suppressing dissenting voices. Explore the dark truth behind the Global Engagement Center (GEC) and the censorship activities orchestrated by these so-called "fact-checkers."

In a groundbreaking investigation, America Legal First (ALF) has brought to light the existence of a covert "journalist" pool employed by the United States government to disseminate propaganda and deceive the public on behalf of the deep state. ALF's relentless pursuit of truth has led to the acquisition of documents that unveil the operations of the Global Engagement Center (GEC), exposing what can only be described as "international censorship czars" responsible for determining the information accessible to the masses.

Unveiling the Journalistic Deception: These individuals, who masquerade as "journalists," are nothing more than paid propagandists entrusted with the task of "fact-checking" online news and suppressing anything that contradicts the narrative dictated by those in power. ALF has obtained key names from these documents, revealing the regular meetings held by these individuals to discuss government-driven "action items." Let's delve into some of the names disclosed:

  1. Ana Brakus, Faktograf, Croatia
  2. Angie Holan, PolitiFact, United States
  3. Barbara Whitaker, Associated Press, United States
  4. Ellen Tordesillas, Vera Files, Philippines
  5. Gülin Çavu?, Teyit, Turkey
  6. Jency Jacob, Boom, India
  7. Maarten Schenk, Lead Stories, Belgium / United States
  8. Pablo M. Fernandez, Chequeado, Argentina
  9. Rabiu Alhassan, GhanaFact, Ghana
  10. Thanos Sitistas, Elinika Hoaxes, Greece
  11. Tijana Cvjeti?anin, Raskrinkavanje, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Deceptive "Fact-Checkers" Exposed: Contrary to the benevolent image portrayed by the US government, these so-called "independent fact-checkers" are far from impartial truth-seekers. Instead, evidence suggests their deep-rooted affiliation with the infamous Poynter network, exposing their ideological activism. It is apparent that these fact-checkers, all funded from dubious sources, are responsible for perpetuating misleading narratives and distorting the truth about global affairs.

The Poynter Network and its Control: The Poynter network, which ranks eighth among the top 50 organizations involved in online censorship, holds a firm grip on both PolitiFact and FactCheckNet. The initial funding for FactCheckNet originated from the State Department-funded National Endowment for Democracy, along with contributions from prominent entities such as the Omidyar Network, Google, Facebook, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and George Soros' Open Society.

Angie Holan's Role in the Censorship Industrial Complex: Angie Holan, the editor-in-chief of PolitiFact, has been associated with the Poynter network since its inception in 2007. Despite receiving a Pulitzer Prize in 2009, Holan's involvement in lectures on expanding the Censorship Industrial Complex raises concerns. ALF has previously demonstrated that both PolitiFact and FactCheckNet are controlled by the Poynter network, unveiling the deep ties between these organizations and the State Department.

Faktograf's Misinformation Campaign: Ana Brakus, executive director and journalist at Faktograf, focuses on critiquing the "ultraconservative political and civic movement" under the guise of a non-profit organization committed to quality journalism and critical thinking. However, Faktograf, much like PolitiFact, receives direct financial support from the State Department. Brakus has even advocated for increased authority to censor political leaders, including former President Donald Trump, revealing her biased agenda.

The Associated Press: A State-Run Media Outlet: Barbara Whitaker of the Associated Press (AP) features prominently in ALF's revelations. The AP's "fact-checks" appear to align with left-wing ideologies, raising questions about the independence of this news wire service. As the AP receives funding from the State Department, it becomes evident that the agency operates as a state-run media outlet, undermining claims of unbiased reporting.

Teyit: A Turkish Tool of Censorship: Teyit, a Turkish "fact-checking" platform, also exhibits ties to the US government's deep state. Gülin Çavu? caught Poynter's attention through her "reporting" on "misinformation problems about refugees" in 2016, leading to an IFCN fellowship in 2017. ALF questions the authority bestowed upon Çavu? to control what people worldwide can view on social media platforms, especially those residing outside Turkey.

Conclusion: The exposure of this secret journalist pool reveals the pervasive influence of the deep state in shaping public opinion and suppressing dissenting voices. The interconnection among these self-proclaimed fact-checkers, funded by questionable sources and controlled by the Poynter network, raises serious concerns about the freedom of information in the modern era. ALF's tireless efforts to uncover the truth shed light on the manipulative tactics employed by the government-backed propaganda machinery, urging readers to question and seek alternative sources of information. Only through vigilant scrutiny can we guard against the erosion of truth and protect the fundamental principles of democracy.

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