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1.  You're wanting to stay elusive is the Best Way to Ruin Your Relationship.

Your significant other often go unanswered while calling to have a conversation. And you don't follow up with a phone call. It's a huge mistake to think that this method is making his or her sentiments stronger. Why? Simply put, it would drive them away.

2. You constantly bring up your ex in any context.

Your past should remain in the past. Bringing up your ex or any details about them is not a smart idea. As an additional precaution, you should not draw any parallels between your ex and your current love interest. No good will come from doing that.

3. I find your behavior to be childish and uninteresting.

There is a widespread belief that bragging about one's intelligence is unwise.

4. You're being coy and emotionless, which is unacceptable.

Your partner may experience feelings of alienation and loneliness if you tend to keep details of your emotions and/or activities to yourself. You may believe it's fashionable to keep your feelings to yourself, but doing so might be detrimental to your relationship.

5. Either the limits you put up are unhealthy or you don't put any up at all.

Boundaries are important not just at the beginning of a relationship but also, later on, to help keep the peace. Moreover, it helps to avoid a change in the balance of power.

6. You and your significant other have insufficient quality time together.

It's only when it's helpful to you or when it's convenient that you really see this person. Your relationship can only flourish if you give each other your undivided attention and care. The second option requires a substantial investment of time spent together.

7. You do not introduce your partner to your friends and/or family members.

Find someone who can easily integrate into your existing group of friends. And it might be disastrous for your relationship if you don't allow him/her to do it.

8. You're not all that curious about your partner's goals and aspirations.

It is critical to encourage your spouse while he or she works toward fulfilling his or her goals and/or realizing his or her aspirations. Simply be there for him or her at all times.

You and your partner always manage to turn every conversation into an argument.

In fact, having constructive conversations might help improve your bond. Your relationship is at risk if a disagreement escalates into an argument.



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