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Elon Musk, the visionary CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, recently appeared on CNBC’s ‘Last Call’ to address questions about his tweets and the allegations of promoting conspiracy theories. During the interview, Musk enlightened the reporter about the validity of certain conspiracy theories, drawing attention to the Hunter Biden laptop controversy and highlighting the suppression of information as a form of election interference. Let’s delve into the details and gain insights into Musk’s perspective on these matters.

Unveiling Hidden Truths: The Hunter Biden Laptop

In a moment of candidness, Musk emphasized the significance of conspiracy theories that have eventually been proven true. One such example he cited was the controversial Hunter Biden laptop incident. The laptop’s existence and the subsequent actions to suppress the story shook the public sphere. Musk’s acknowledgment underscores the importance of objectively examining claims labeled as conspiracy theories, as they sometimes uncover substantial truths that impact society at large.

Election Interference: The Dark Side of Information Suppression

Musk’s conversation with CNBC’s [Name redacted] took an intriguing turn when they discussed the repercussions of suppressing vital information. Musk opined that the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story amounted to election interference, an act that undermines the democratic process. By intentionally restricting the flow of information, platforms like Twitter effectively influenced public opinion, potentially swaying the outcome of the election. Musk’s concern about this interference underscores the importance of upholding transparency and protecting the integrity of democratic systems.

The Complexity of Engaging on Social Media

Faber probed further, questioning Musk’s decision-making process when it comes to engaging on social media platforms. One specific tweet highlighted during the interview was Musk’s mention of George Soros, a controversial figure known for his political involvement and philanthropic activities. Musk’s tweet expressed his belief that Soros aims to erode the very fabric of civilization and holds animosity toward humanity. Faber raised the question of why Musk chooses to share such opinions, considering the potential disagreement from Tesla’s customers and advertisers on Twitter.

Musk’s Perspective: Balancing Personal Opinions and Public Platform

In response to Faber’s query, Musk defended his choice to share his personal opinions on Twitter. He stated that his tweets reflect his genuine beliefs and opinions, even if they differ from popular narratives or might not align with the views of Tesla customers or Twitter advertisers. Musk’s position highlights his commitment to maintaining authenticity and exercising freedom of expression, even in the face of potential disagreement. While it may be challenging to balance personal opinions with the potential consequences on business interests, Musk’s willingness to express himself demonstrates his dedication to open dialogue and transparency.


Elon Musk’s recent appearance on CNBC’s ‘Last Call’ shed light on his perspective regarding conspiracy theories, the Hunter Biden laptop controversy, and election interference. Musk emphasized that some theories labeled as conspiracies have indeed been proven true, citing the Hunter Biden laptop as an example. Moreover, he highlighted the dangers of suppressing information, terming it as election interference. Despite potential conflicts with Tesla’s customer base and advertisers, Musk remains committed to expressing his personal opinions, thereby fostering a climate of open discourse. As we navigate the evolving landscape of social media and information dissemination, it is crucial to critically examine claims, safeguard transparency, and ensure the integrity of democratic processes.

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