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In a bold attempt to reshape religious texts, the globalist elites have collaborated with PETA and employed AI technology to rewrite the Bible, aiming to eliminate references to Jesus Christ and promote a fabricated commandment prohibiting the consumption of red meat. This article explores PETA's controversial endeavor and examines the significant alterations made to the book of Genesis in their version titled "The Book: PETA's Version of the Creation Story."

Genesis Rewritten: An Unconvincing Narrative

PETA, in partnership with the far-left ChatGPT AI, embarked on a mission to create a sanitized adaptation of the Bible. Their revisions include transforming key characters and events, such as Cain's role as a murderer, Nimrod as a hunter, and Hagar as a chef. Isaac is replaced by a dog on Mount Moriah, and sacrifices are entirely omitted. Pharaoh's dreams now focus on vegan advocacy rather than the famine that united Jacob's family.

While PETA and AI attempted to modify the biblical narrative, their endeavor lacked coherence and overlooked critical details. For instance, Rachel's death is inaccurately portrayed as occurring during Joseph's birth, and Benjamin mysteriously appears as an older brother to Joseph. Cain's sacrifice of animal flesh to God, contrasting Abel's offering of plants, further distorts the original story. PETA's alterations even extend to preserving obscure place names and archaic language while inserting modern colloquial phrases, resulting in an inconsistent and tedious read.

Character Transformations: From Flawed to Impeccable

In the original Genesis, the main characters possess significant flaws, illustrating their humanity. However, PETA's adaptation turns them into morally righteous priests of the vegan religion. These revised characters travel extensively, advocating for the ethical treatment of animals and extolling the virtues of soy and almond milk. The animals themselves occasionally speak, demonstrating PETA's attempt to anthropomorphize them. However, the depth and complexity of the original characters are sacrificed for superficial conversions to veganism, lacking genuine development.

PETA's Preachy Narrative

PETA's adaptation of Genesis revolves around incessant preaching rather than authentic storytelling. Their version overemphasizes vegan propaganda, often resorting to repetitive dialogue to convey its message. Abel persuades Cain to abandon animal consumption by touting the physical benefits of a plant-based diet, while the people of Sodom are portrayed as forcing Lot's guests to consume harmful meats. Sarah's credulousness is transformed into doubt about vegan feasts rather than skepticism regarding her ability to conceive in old age.

By focusing on relentless vegan advocacy, PETA's adaptation neglects the original Genesis' exploration of personal struggles and human relationships with God. PETA's simplified and monotonous narrative reduces the complexity of the characters and fails to capture the essence of the original text.

Theological Subversions and Empty Ideology

One of the most significant departures in PETA's adaptation is the introduction of a dog named Herbie, whom Abraham and Sarah cherish more than their own son, Isaac. This diversion undermines the central story of God's test of Abraham's faith through the sacrifice of Isaac, which Christians interpret as a foreshadowing of Jesus' crucifixion. PETA's ideology, which blurs the distinction between animals and humans, stands in stark contrast to the original biblical narrative that assigns humans dominion over living creatures.

PETA's attempt to rewrite the Bible ultimately falls short, as it fails to convey the depth and richness of the original text. By prioritizing its animal rights agenda, PETA exposes the hollowness of its ideology when compared to the profound spiritual themes found within the Bible.

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