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Unveiling the Enigma: Exploring the Prospects of a New City in Solano County

Unveiling the Enigma: Exploring the Prospects of a New City in Solano County

Intrigue swirls as a mysterious mega buyer secures a vast expanse of over 52,000 acres in Solano County, nestled within the picturesque San Francisco North Bay region. Concerns ripple through the county as residents find themselves in the midst of a survey gauging their stance on the emergence of an enigmatic "new city." Spearheaded by Flannery Associates, this survey hints at the potential arrival of a ballot initiative in the upcoming year, aimed at shaping the development of an innovative cityscape in the eastern reaches of Solano County.

A Vision Beyond Imagination: The New City Unveiled

Bold and visionary, the proposed project envisions a sprawling new cityscape, a harmonious tapestry of modernity and nature interwoven across the landscape. A grand tapestry unfolds, adorned with tens of thousands of homes, sprawling solar energy farms, verdant orchards boasting over a million new trees, and vast expanses of open parks spanning more than 10,000 acres. The prospect of a burgeoning city embracing sustainability and nature beckons, offering a fresh perspective on urban living.

A Deliberate Choice: Surveying the Sentiments

The survey endeavors to unearth the sentiments of Solano County residents, prompting introspection through a series of thought-provoking statements. Participants are tasked with assessing their affinity for the project based on a spectrum of perspectives:

  1. Empowering Local Residents: Prioritizing Solano County residents by extending down payment assistance and preferential access to homes within the new city.
  2. Private Sector Prowess: Emphasizing self-sufficiency, with the venture entirely funded by the dynamic forces of the private sector.
  3. Architectural Altruism: A departure from conventional developers, the project is steered by visionary architects and planners driven by a passion for crafting livable, sustainable communities.
  4. Commitment to the State: Backed by a coalition of Californian firms and affluent families, united by an unwavering dedication to the state's future.

Beyond Brick and Mortar: A Collegiate Haven

Delving deeper into the blueprint of the "new city," a distinct character emerges. The essence of a college town is interwoven into its fabric, with meticulous urban planning fostering walkability. The cityscape harmoniously merges residences, educational institutions, and quaint enterprises, creating a symphony of purposeful living.

Trailblazers Behind the Curtain: Unveiling Flannery Associates

Flannery Associates, alongside its parent company Flannery Holdings, emerged onto the scene in 2018, orchestrating a sequence of strategic land acquisitions in Solano County. Their presence has not been without its share of intrigue. The tantalizing prices offered to county landowners sparked legal confrontations, as Flannery Associates alleged collusion in inflating prices to their detriment.

Legal documents paint a vivid picture of their land procurement, revealing a staggering investment exceeding $800 million across approximately 140 parcels in Montezuma Hills and Jepson Prairie Reserve. Prices soared to unprecedented heights, breaching the $15,000 per acre threshold.

Security Beneath the Spotlight: The Proximity Quandary

Unease ripples through the county due to the strategic proximity of Flannery Associates' acquisitions to Travis Air Force Base. National security concerns materialize, casting a shadow over the intentions of these transactions. Mayor Catherine Moy, a prominent figure within the county, received offers marked by inflated valuations in the vicinity of the base, all of which were unequivocally declined.

Democratic Representatives Mike Thompson and John Garamendi have been resolute in their pursuit of clarity. They've wielded their influence to engage governmental bodies, urging an investigation into the intricate nuances of these acquisitions. Garamendi, representing Solano County, is unyielding in his skepticism regarding the prospects of a "new city." The survey circulating amongst residents is met with cynicism, with Garamendi labeling it a mere facade.

Quest for Transparency: Unmasking the Veil

Efforts to identify the masterminds driving Flannery Associates have been relentless, uniting political figures like Moy, Thompson, and Garamendi. Yet, the company's shroud of secrecy remains intact, fortified by Delaware's corporate protection statutes. Moy's attempts at contact have yielded naught, leaving her to echo the sentiment shared by many—an elusive enigma entrenched within the ongoing saga of Flannery.

In conclusion, Solano County finds itself at the crossroads of an audacious proposition—the birth of a "new city." Amidst the allure of sustainability, innovation, and progress lies a tapestry woven with threads of mystery and skepticism. As the survey findings trickle in, the county and its residents grapple with uncertainty, pondering the potential emergence of a groundbreaking urban landscape shaped by the shadows of the past and the aspirations of the future.

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