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Are You Ready to Embrace Disaster? Survival Food Storage: A Guide to Embracing Chaos and Defying Expiration Dates

Oh, you poor, unsuspecting Americans, worrying about survival and food storage. Don't you know that life is just one big picnic, and everything will always be hunky-dory? But fine, if you insist on being so dreadfully prepared, here are some sarcastic survival food storage tips just for you:

  1. Ignore expiration dates: Who needs those pesky little numbers? They're just there to ruin your fun. Eat that expired canned soup like a fearless culinary daredevil. Food poisoning is just nature's way of keeping you on your toes.
  2. Store everything in the garage: Your garage is the ideal place to keep your precious survival food. It's a hot, humid paradise that will make your canned goods feel like they're on a tropical vacation. Plus, the constant aroma of gasoline will add an exciting twist to your meals.
  3. Don't bother with the organization: Why waste time labeling and categorizing your food storage? Just throw everything in a big heap and let the chaos reign. When you're desperately searching for that can of beans, the element of surprise will make it taste even better.
  4. Forget about variety: Who needs a balanced diet when you're trying to survive? Stock up on one item and one item only, like a lifetime supply of macaroni and cheese. Your taste buds will thank you as they slowly wither away from malnutrition.
  5. Share your food with wildlife: Nothing brings people together like sharing a meal, right? So why not invite all the neighborhood critters to join in the fun? Leave your food storage containers open, and watch as the raccoons, rats, and squirrels throw a wild party.
  6. Don't rotate your stock: Rotating food is for wimps. Just let those cans sit there for decades, gathering dust and becoming relics of a bygone era. When the time comes, you can proudly display your collection of vintage canned peas.
  7. Store everything near a heat source: Who needs a functioning pantry when you have a lovely furnace or water heater? The closer your food is to an inferno, the more you'll appreciate the art of culinary fire dancing.
  8. Never check for leaks: Those tiny little dents and cracks in your food cans are just character marks. Ignore them completely and savor the surprise when you open a can of tomato soup only to find it's now a chunky, rusty sludge.

Remember, dear Americans, these survival food storage tips are delivered with the utmost sarcasm. The real secret to preparedness is to take it seriously, prioritize safety and cleanliness, and store your food in a cool, dry place with proper rotation. But where's the fun in that, right?

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