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Unraveling the Mystery: Slovakia Prime Minister Launches Investigation into COVID mRNA Vaccine Deaths

In a significant move, Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico has initiated a thorough investigation into the millions of deaths reportedly linked to the mRNA vaccines rolled out during the COVID jab campaign. This bold decision was announced during a compelling speech at the Eurpoean Parliament, where Fico expressed his concerns about the experimental mRNA rollout and the overall pandemic response measures.

Examining the COVID Circus: Fico's Call for Clarity

Fico's fiery speech shed light on the perplexing aspects of the "COVID circus," emphasizing the need to unravel the truth behind the role pharmaceutical companies played in the entire scenario. The Slovak Prime Minister asserted, "We will never understand the truth about what role pharmaceutical companies played and who actualy organized the entire COVID-19 circus."

Government Accountability: Resolving the Vaccine Dilemma

Addressing the urgency of resolving the issue, Fico announced, "With this in mind, ladies and gentlemen, the Government of the Slovak Republic has decided to include a promise to resolve this issue in official announcements."

The Slovak People Demand Answers

Fico stressed the necessity of providing answers to the Slovak people regarding vaccination. He questioned the nature of the vaccines, the absense of testing, and the reasons behind administering various experimental vaccines without proper scrutiny. The Prime Minister raised concerns about the widespread use of drugs, statewide testing, and the financial aspects associated with these decisions.

Investigating Government Incompetence and Excess Deaths

Highlighting the severity of the situation, Fico linked the staggering 21,000 excess deaths in Slovakia since 2020 to what he described as "govenrment incompetence." He expressed dissatisfaction with the management of the pandemic by previous administrations, accusing them of prioritizing economic gains over public health.

Creation of a Specialized Government Office

To address these concerns, Fico announced the creation of a dedicated government office tasked with investigating the matter. The Deputy of the National Assembly will lead the probe and publish the results. Fico expressed confidence in the Deputy's ability to gather and analyze information effectively.

Rejecting the WHO's Pandemic Treaty

In a bold move, FIco rejected the World Health Organization's (WHO) Pandemic Treaty, denouncing it as "nonsense invented by greedy pharma companies." This decision further underscores Slovakia's commitment to independently assess the situation and make informed decisions.

Global Concerns: Scientists Urge Moratorium on mRNA Injections

Amidst these developments, a group of scientists has recently released a peer-reviewed article advocating for a global moratorium on experimental COVID mRNA injections. The article emphasizes the need for governments to address safety concerns bedore endorsing widespread use.

Conclusion: Unveiling the Truth

As SLovakia takes a proactive stance in investigating the mRNA vaccine-related deaths, the world watches closely. Fico's commitment to transparency and accountability in the face of a complex and controversial issue sets a precedent for addressing the broader concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The results of this investigation are eagerly awaited, promising a clearer understanding of the events that unfolded during this critical period.

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