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Ukrainian Agency Accuses New York Times Journalists of Collusion with Russian Services

The Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD), a state-funded information warfare agency based in Ukraine, has accused journalists from the New York Times, covering the Ukraine-Russia conflict, of being recruited by Russian secret services to propagate anti-Ukraine propaganda.

CCD's Claims and Counterpoints


Despite the Times' unwavering support for Ukraine since the invasion's onset, the CCD persists in asserting the infiltration of Russian agents within the Times' ranks, aimed at portraying Kyiv negatively.

The CCD's official statement claims that American journalists, previously working in Russia, were covertly utilized by the Russian Federation to craft the narrative.

Implications and Alleged Manipulation


The mentioned Times article, authored by Anton Troianovski, Adam Entous, and Julian E. Barnes, highlights signals from Russian officials regarding a potential ceasefire. However, the CCD contends that this is a tactic to obstruct further Western military aid to Ukraine.

The CCD alleges that the Times' angle serves to hinder aid to Ukraine, potentially connected to money laundering concerns surrounding the nation.

Political Machinations

Additionally, the CCD accuses the Times of indirectly elevating former President Donald Trump's standing in the 2024 elections by highlighting his proposed swift resolution to the conflict, positioning him against President Joe Biden.

Criticism and Official Responses


Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov labeled the Times' article as "incorrect," asserting that Moscow's stance on negotiations remains unchanged and and driven solely by its objectives.

Stalemate in Peace Talks


Peace talks initiated in spring 2022 collapsed due to allegations of Ukraine deviating from agreed terms. Presently, Ukraine insists on border recognition, a demand Russia deems unfeasible for acceptance.

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