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Ukraine’s Surrender to the Digital Abyss: GovTech Deal with WEF Sparks Global Control Fears

In a jaw-dropping twist, war-torn Ukraine is barreling headfirst into a dystopian alliance, signing a Faustian pact with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to birth a techno-centric New World Order. Brace yourselves as Ukraine, amidst conflict, catapults into the heart of a digital revolution that could reshape the very fabric of global governance.

Ukraine, amidst its ongoing struggles, is forging ahead in the digital revolution, aligning itself with the World Economic Forum (WEF) for a groundbreaking initiative. The collaboration between the WEF and Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation aims to establish a Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (" C4IR") in Ukraine, focusing on government and corporate technologies.

The Global Digital Transformation Drive

IN a significant move, Børge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum, and MYkhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, Ukraine, signed a letter of intent to establish the GovTech centre in Kiev. This initiative comes as part of the WEF's broader plan for global governance through a digital reset, already underway in various countries globally.

Ukraine's Pioneering Role in GovTech

The "GovTech" program, a cornerstone of WEF's vision for a technologically driven world government, has been gaining momentum globally. Acknowledging this on their official website, the WEF highlighted the launch of the Global Government Technology Centre in Berlin. Ukraine, now a key player in this digital movement, officially announced its participation in the "GovTech" initiative during the World Economic Forum's 2024 summit in Davos, Switzerland, themed "Rebuilding Trust."

The Strategic Significance of Ukraine

Ukraine's pivotal role in this digital evolution is not without geopolitical implications. Western puppet leaders aligned with the WEF in Washington, London, Ottawa, Paris, Geneva, and Berlin are resolutely defending Ukraine against perceived Russian aggression. This allegiance dates back to the early 2000s when strategic efforts were made to integrate Ukraine into the Western orbit of NATO. The New World Order, with its globalist agenda, considers Ukraine a nerve center for globalism, encompassing issues like sex trafficking, US-controlled biolabs, and money laundering.

Ukraine's Digital Milestones

Ukraine's progress in the GovTech realm has been notable. According to the Smart Cities World article, the country has evolved into a global GovTech powerhouse, boasting the first nationwide digital ID system and the fourth biometric digital driving license in Europe. The Diia application, facilitating access to key documents and government services, has seen adoption by nearly 20 million Ukrainians. With an ambitious goal to make 100% of public services available online, Ukraine's digital transformation is gaining international recognition.

The Vision Behind the GovTech Centre in Kiev

The proposed GovTech Centre in Kiev aims to serve as a collaborative platform, bringing together scientists, businesses, technology companies, the public sector, and the global community. Its thematic focus revolves around the digital transformation of government, the development of e-government, and the promotion of digital literacy. Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, commended Ukraine's commitment to digitalization, expressing confidence that the new center would bolster partnerships and advance Ukraine's GovTech agenda.

The GovTech Agenda and its Implications

However, it's crucial to scrutinize the GovTech agenda, which some assert aligns with a larger plan for a high-tech oligarchy on a global scale. Critics argue that if successful, this system could lead to mass depopulation and the transformation of survivors into controlled transhumans under the constant surveillance of a digital beast system, operated by artificial intelligence and WEF-affiliated entities in collaboration with major governmental and corporate players.

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