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Prime Minister of Denmark Was Criticized

Mette Frederiksen, who was just recently returned as the prime minister of Denmark, had been disgraced due to the fact that she supported and promoted the administration of Wuhan injections.

During an event that took place in the Netherlands, Kent Nielsen, a member of the Danish political organization known as Frihedslisten (Freedom List), hurled insults at Frederiksen. Nielsen sneaked up on the head of state from behind, introduced himself, and then began to bombard her with questions regarding COVID-19 vaccinations that were responsible for the deaths of 83,000 people in her own country. Moreover, nearly 150,000 Danes had vaccination injuries.

The Prime Minister of Denmark, Frederiksen, Refused to Respond to the Allegations Made by Nielsen and Refused to Speak During the Entire Exchange. Nielsen was then subjected to physical abuse at the hands of Dutch security officials who were members of the prime minister's protection team. Nielsen was then forced aside.

Before security warned Nielsen to maintain his distance, he was able to ask the prime minister a few questions in quick succession.

"Tell me, how do u feel about misleading immunity for a whole year?

How are you able to go to bed each night knowing that you're causing damage and even death to Danes?

You must feel guilty, Mette.

Nielsen made the observation that it is not so difficult to live with oneself when one is killing and causing damage to one's own people.

"So you're simply ice-cold? The "ice woman" who does not care... [about] harming or killing other people. And then there's the sign on your bus that reads, "Let's look out for the future." The lady who calls herself "the chancellor of the kids" is responsible for the deaths of Danish youngsters and Danish adults, and she then leaves the scene of her crimes. It defies all logic.

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