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Here is what the blank sheets reveal about the situation, as they fight back against repressive zero-COVID laws, demonstrators in China are willing to risk being monitored by the authorities. In addition, artistic expression in the unrest in Sri Lanka.

The exhibition of wordless sheets is intended to convey the message that "we are voiceless, but we are also powerful."

After 2 years of the most restrictive COVID constraints on the entire planet, many people in China were indeed fed up and therefore are demanding an easing of the controls; in certain cases, they are now even calling out Chinese Leader Xi Jinping. After 2 years of the most strict COVID regulations in the entire globe, many people in China were indeed fed up. They are putting themselves in danger by challenging the authority of a totalitarian government that cracks down severely on dissent.

Posters, youtube clips, chants, dancing, drawings, and caricatures were all a part of the demonstrations in Sri Lanka that ultimately resulted in the ousting of previous President Gotabaya Rajapaksa from power. What the mainstream press could not or would not tell was that Sri Lankans are done with Rajapaksas & their corruption, and this message was communicated via protest art.

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