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first Honeybee Vaccine

The Agriculture Department of the United States (USDA) has recently granted a preliminary license for the first "vaccine" developed specifically for honeybees anywhere in the world.

Bee populations, which are essential to the production of food, are often destroyed by illnesses that, according to the claims made about this new vaccine, will assist in the battle against these diseases.

According to Annette Kleiser, CEO of Dalan Animal Health, the business will produce the vaccine for industrial beekeepers in the United States, giving them "a breakthrough in safeguarding honeybees." Dolan Animal Health is a biotechnology company established in the United States.

Kleiser made a foreboding statement when he said, "We are poised to modify how we cared for insects, which will affect food supply on a worldwide basis."

Foulbrood is a disease that is spread by the bacteria Paenibacillus larvae, which is one of the illnesses that the newly developed vaccine for honeybees is said to prevent. It is believed that there is no treatment for foulbrood, which has infected about one-fourth of all hives in the United States.

Keith Delaplane, an entomologist at the Georgia State University who helped Dalan develop the vaccine, described it as "something that beekeepers could perhaps readily identify because it lessens the larvae to this goo that has a sickly sweet smell to it.".

If we cease treating the environment with poisonous pesticides and herbicides, honeybees will no longer get unwell or die.

Because it is impossible to prick bees with needles, Dalan devised a concoction that is injected directly into royal jelly which worker bees give to the queen. This allows for a more humane method of treatment. Following its absorption into the bees' bodies, the vaccine travels to their ovaries, where it is eventually handed on to the bee's progeny.

"In the best case scenario," as Delaplane expressed it, "the queens may be given a cocktail inside a queen candy," which is the term for the soft, paste-like sugar which queen bees consume as they are being transported. "Queen breeders might market their animals as being "completely vaccinated,"

The United States is thought to be the birthplace of the American foulbrood disease, which may have been caused by the country's preoccupation with agricultural pesticides. It is possible that the sickness is the direct consequence of bees being ill as a result of being exposed to all of these chemicals. As a "treatment" for this condition, the USDA is now preparing to provide even more chemicals to the bees in the format of this new "vaccine."

The newspaper The Guardian acknowledges that honeybees in today's world "have been subjected to a mix of diverse diseases," as the authors refer to these illnesses. These so-called ailments are, in many instances, nothing more than the toxic fallout that results from prolonged exposure to pesticides and herbicides when bees are foraging in the wild.

Greed is the primary motivating factor behind all of this since the industrialization of food production requires the use of agricultural methods that are heavy on chemical inputs in order to enhance yields while simultaneously lowering expenses. As a consequence, the ecology of pollinators has become ill and is in the process of dying; as a result, vaccination is now required.

Once more, the corporate-controlled mainstream press is attempting to divert attention away from the primary issue by blaming bee illness on the "climate crisis." This is a laughable explanation when one considers the absurd amounts of pollutants that are doused on crops each year; these chemicals destroy the environment and contain the potential to alter climate conditions.

One of the commenters expressed their regret at the diminishing population of our essential pollinators by writing, "I surely would want to have honeybees within our future for many years to come." "I would certainly miss having access to the food supply that they give."

Someone else in the comments pointed out that the electromagnetic pollution that is swirling around us as a result of 5G towers, high-voltage electric lines, as well as other modern technologies is a major factor that is causing the phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder, which is another "disease" that is affecting honeybees in the United States.

Although it has been reported that honeybee populations are "dramatically declining," the establishment continues to withhold the real reasons for this. Instead, our politicians continue to direct more effortless riches into the buckets of Big Pharma, which always has the "solutions," despite the fact that Big Pharma is a major contributor to the problem.

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