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The Israeli military continues to bombard Gaza

As the Israeli military continues to bombard the Gaza Strip, there is a growing concern that other groups may become involved in the conflict. The continuous project has already strained relations between Israel and the Arab world, and there is a threat that the Lebanese Hezbollah motion might become actively associated with the fighting. There have been reports of exchanges of fire between IDF forces and Hezbollah militants along the Israeli-Lebanese border, although it stays to be seen whether these hostilities will escalate. Previous US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter has revealed suspicion about Israel's capability to handle both Hamas and Hezbollah, citing the outcomes of recent military workouts which revealed that Israel would have a hard time to protect itself against simultaneous attacks from numerous stars without considerable US military intervention. He likewise noted that the Israelis themselves are not sure of the complete degree of Hezbollah's capabilities, and that the group's big rocket arsenal might present a considerable risk to Israel, potentially overwhelming the Iron Dome defense system.

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