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amount of CO2 emission levels that each individual can produce

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber is a prominent German scientist who works at the Potsdam Research center for Climate Change Impact Research (PIK). He is of the opinion that in order to protect the planet from "climate change," the government must place a limit on the amount of (CO2) emission levels that each individual can produce and then regulate those emissions.

Schellnhuber refers to the idea as a "planetary guardrail" and proposes that a limit of three tons of CO2 emissions per year should be placed on the activities of each individual. He believes that those who go above that limit need to be made to pay a monetary penalty.

Because every breath a person is taking results in CO2 being exhaled in trade for oxygen, respiration would have to be controlled in order to maintain a constant level of oxygen in the body. Those who intend to continue lifting less than three tons may find that they need to reduce the number of breaths they take, which will likely result in a significant reduction in the amount of activity and physical effort they do. This is done in order to maintain a low heart rate.

On the basis of Schellnhuber's proposal, the only people who would be permitted to live properly are wealthy. In order to avoid paying exorbitant fines, those with low incomes would have little choice but to drastically reduce their use of all goods and services, including their oxygen intake.

The "individual carbon footprint tracker" that Alibaba is creating will monitor people's levels of CO2 emissions.

According to Schellnhuber, in order to "have a climate worth living [in]," CO2 emissions need to be maintained at a minimum. However, if you have the funds to acquire access to a higher quality of life, then this need is not applicable to you.

This climate change extremist is described as stating, "Every individual gets 3 tons of CO2 each year, but if you require more, you simply have to purchase it."

At the moment, the typical German emits significantly more than 3 tons of carbon dioxide each and every year. The average individual releases roughly 10 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, while some billionaires and millionaires release as much as 100 tons of CO2 each year.

According to the findings of the French World Inequality Lab, only a very small percentage of the very wealthy are responsible for much more than 2,000 tons of annual CO2 emissions. These people would have no trouble paying the appropriate penalties in order to keep using their private aircraft and keeping the lights on at all of their extravagant estates, which are scattered throughout the terrain of the planet.

Only the disadvantaged would be affected by the dystopia that Schellnhuber foresees, which is in line with what we've been arguing about the changing climate hoax the whole time. It is a model in which the wealthy are permitted to engage in any activity of their choosing, while the disadvantaged are relegated to a miserable life devoid of the effects of carbon dioxide.

We have been informed that the Chinese company Alibaba is now working on an "individual carbon footprint tracker" in order to maintain tabs on the CO2 emissions that are produced by the typical person. This is one way that Schellnhuber's concept may become a reality in the not-too-distant future if it were to be marketed.

At the annual conference of the (WEF) 2022, which was hosted by prominent globalist Klaus Schwab, a prototype of the gadget was shown to the public for the first time in Davos, Switzerland, the previous year. The President of Alibaba Group, J. Michael Evans, made the announcement that China is making significant progress in bringing that tracker to markets all around the world.

"We are building via technology the capacity for customers to assess their own carbon footprint," the former banker for Goldman Sachs rambled. "Where are they traveling, how are they traveling, what are they eating, and what they're consuming on the platform."

Evans came to the conclusion that the purpose of this endeavor is to "incentivize" everyday people to "do the proper thing, regardless if they were afforded the option to do the wrong thing."

Whereas the rest of the world is being crushed under severe inflation as a result of globalist regulation over the supply of money, those globalists who are in attendance at this year's WEF meeting are living the high life in luxury. This is yet another negative effect of globalist command over the money supply.

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