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A sculpture of a man breastfeeding a baby has stirred controversy in the Danish city of Aarhus, where it is displayed in the foyer of the Gender Museum. Titled "Agape," the 3.5-meter-high statue was created by sculptor Aske Kreilgaard, who used 3D scans of his own body and that of his girlfriend to design it. The sculpture portrays a naked man with traditional male features, such as a penis and a beard, but also includes female breasts that the man is using to nurse a child. According to Kreilgaard, the artwork aims to question gender roles and expectations.

However, not everyone is supportive of the sculpture. Suste Bonnén, a sculptor, photographer, and writer, wrote an article for Kristeligt Dagblad calling the statue a "pedophile's dream," arguing that it depicts a naked man exploiting a child for his own gratification. Bonnén also noted that while both men and women have nipples, a mother nursing her child is different from a man doing so. She concluded that the sculpture was disturbing and perpetuated harmful gender stereotypes.

The Gender Museum describes itself as one of the few museums in the world focusing on gender and equality. Its exhibits cover a range of topics related to gender, including sex education for primary school children. The museum aims to promote a culture-historical and norm-critical view of sexuality and gender, which highlights how ideas about gender and sexuality have evolved over time.

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