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Shocking Revelations: Moderna’s Covid mRNA Shots and the Risk of Cancer

Amidst congressional testimony, Dr. Robert Malone, an esteemed figure in mRNA technology, uncovered alarming findings about Moderna's Covid mRNA vaccines. These revelations shed light on potential risks associated with these widely administered shots.

The Patent Disclosure: Implications for Health

Moderna's patent documentation reveals a concerning aspect of its Covid-19 vaccine-- the inclusion of billions of DNA fragments, raising red flags about potential health risks. These fragments, identified as contaminants, are linked to significant concerns such as birth defects and a heightened risk of cancer.

Omission in Approval and FDA Oversight

Dr. Malone, in his testimony before Capitol Hill, emphasized Moderna's acknowledgment of the shot's contaminants potentially causing cancer, a crucial point seemingly overlooked by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) during the approval process for public use of the vaccine.

RNA Superiority and Risk Factor

Highlighting the preference for RNA due to inherent risks, Dr. Malone underscored Moderna's acknowledgment that RNA holds superiority over DNA in vaccines. However, despite this knowledge, Moderna's mRNA injection contains an alarming quantity of DNA fragments, a revelation that sparks concerns about health risks associated with DNA contamination.

Moderna's Awareness and Process

Dr. Malone exposed Moderna's awareness of DNA as a contaminant in its mRNA shots, stemming from the process of using DNA to produce RNA, followed by attempts to separate and purify the degraded DNA from the RNA. However, the purification process appears to be insufficient, leaving traces of DNA in the final vaccine formulation.

Implications and HEalth Risks

Expressing concern for those who have received the mRNA shots, Dr. Malone cautioned about the potential risks associated with DNA damage. Birth defects and cancer stood out as the most significant potential consequences linked to such damage, raising alarm among vaccine recipients.

The revelations brought forth during Dr. MAlone's testimony highlight critical concerns surrounding Moderna's Covid mRNA vaccines, urging a closer examination of the risks and the necessity for stringent safety measures in vaccine development and production.

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