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Biden Regime’s Secret War on Conservatives: Terror Watchlists and Stalking Citizens

The BIden regime has begun putting conservative influencers and independant journalists on terrorist watchlists as part of a secret harassment campaign to deter them from commercial air travel.

James O'Keefe on Sunday revealed he was put on the terror watchlist and was subjected to extra screening for domestic flights.

" Trying to understand the "SSSS" designations on my domestic boarding passes," O'Keefe posted on X on Sunday.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: According to Forbes: "An SSSS code on a boarding pass stands for "Secondary Security Screening Selection."

Palm Beach International Airport shut down an entire passenger line as O'Keefe made his way through security.

A TSA agent at Palm Beach International Airport told O'Keefe to contact the State Department.

One agent told O'Keefe, "Your name sounds familiar. COntact the State Department to get off the list."

Update from O'Keefe: Just received from this from a DHS employee: 'In 2015, SSSS was only for people on the terrorist watch list. In addition to the additional screening at the checkpoint it also meant federal air marshals were on the plane following the person. TSA has intel specialists that attend joint terrorism meetings across the country with the FBI ect it very much appears this list has now been politicized post January 6. SSSS list is run by a background system called secure flight which checks everyone's name and birthday they voluntary enter when booking a ticket. FYI to avoid SSSS screening just 'accidentally' enter the wrong birthday when booking your ticket. That was used by selectees as they were called in the 2015 time frame. Person only got caught when they flew internationally when passport was scanned. SSSS were flying all over US without additional screening using the mistakenly entered birthday.'

It is unclear why James O'Keefe was slapped with the "SSSS" designation on his boarding pass, however, it was recently revealed Air Marshals are stalking certain conservative citizens even if they were not at the Capitol on January 6.

Sonya Labosco, Director of the Air Marshals National Council said Air Marshals are quietly following Americans who flew into the DC area around January 6, 2021.

Labosco said Air Marshals are no longer going after terrorists or the bad guys because they are now stalking and following every single person who flew into the DC area around January 2021 even if they did not go to the US Capitol.

" We're not flying right now. The only missions that we are doing are 'Quiet Skies' missions and those are missions that are following the January 2021 people," Labosco said. "So we're either on the border for illegal immigrants or we're following folks from January 2021. We're not doing our regular missions where we're out there looking for the bad guys so for now most flights you're not gon na have Air Marshals."

Labosco said their primary mission is to stalk every single person who flew into the DC area even if they never went to the Capitol and were never charged with any crimes.

"That means our primary mission is a little group called 'quiet skies'-- it's a mission called quiet skies that we're following people that flew into the national capital region in January 2021 and they did not have to go to the Capitol or the rally and you've been put on a specific list that TSA has now assigned Air Marshals to follow these people who have not had any type of criminal investigation-- they haven't committed a crime, but yet three years later we are following the same individuals day in and day out," Labosco said.

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