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The great alternative to purchasing a bird feeder from the shop is to make your own, which is not only more cost-effective but also more enjoyable.

Making bird feeders is a simple Do It Yourself activity that adults and children of all ages may enjoy doing together. In addition, a homemade bird feeder is just as tempting to wildlife as any commercially available one, but it will be a lot less expensive.

The following instructions for simple bird feeders should just take a little amount of your time and use items that are not difficult to locate and that you most likely currently have at home.

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Simple Suspended Platform Food Holder

You can turn almost any old bowl, metal service plate, or plastic dish into a hanging platforms bird feeder; all you need is the ability to connect hooks to the edges of the dish so that it may be hung. Some individuals even take the time to knit a holder that is very much like the ones that are used to hang pots. Regardless of whether the birds land in a haphazard pattern, this will ensure that the dish remains horizontal.

You can make a multicolored bird feeder out of Lego pieces.

Thankfully, constructing a bird feeder out of plastic Lego pieces is not one of the few things that cannot be done with these building blocks. Plastic is impervious to the elements, and the vivid hues of the material make it attractive to a wide variety of avian species.

The Lego pieces may be assembled into any model that strikes your fancy; however, the models that are the simplest to manipulate are either the "tower with resting platforms" version or the "platform feeder" model. Leave a hole in the center of the feeder so that you can fill it with seed, and alter the size of the feeder so that it is appropriate for the kinds of birds you wish to attract.

A Milk Carton May Prove to Be an Excellent Hopper Feeder

If you want to hang a bird feeder but it's going to rain, you may wish to bring it inside first. A tall milk carton works well. After using soap and water to clean and rinse an empty milk carton, drill a hole in the top of the carton and connect a hook so that it may be hung. Create a square cutout in the milk carton's lower corner to allow birds access to the seed you've hidden inside of it.

Create Your Own Bird Feeders Out of Empty Cans

If you cut off the lid of an empty can, hang it horizontally, then fill it with bird seed, the birds will enjoy using the can as a feeder. The trick is to hang it in such a way that the seed does not fall out, also when birds perch on the aperture in the container. Make sure the can is slightly angled away from the entrance and use a sturdy thread to knot it on both sides. This will prevent the bird food from falling out of the can and into the ground below.

You may add a handmade landing pad at the entrance, embellish the cans like milk cartons, or adorn them in any other way you choose to make them more appealing to the eye and more comfortable for the birds.

Feeders from Mailing Tubes

Do you happen to have any extra document tubes lying around the house? Tube bird feeders made of transparent plastic are inexpensive and cheerful, in addition to having a long lifespan. Only the plastic tube, several popsicle sticks, as well as a pair of scissors are required to complete this project.

In order to insert the popsicle sticks thru the tube, you will first need to cut a few very tiny holes on both sides of the tube. When the birds land on them, they will function as little platforms, plus gravity will distribute the seeds to the birds through the plastic tube that is contained inside the feeder.

You may easily adorn those tubes with washi tape and paint if you feel motivated to do so, but you should make sure that you can still see how many seeds are left inside each one. This is the kind of project that would be ideal for the little plastic tubes that, for instance, come packaged with tennis balls.

Making your own bird feeder is indeed a simple and effective technique to get birds to visit your property. Research the types of foods preferred by the birds you want to attract and place your feeder in the appropriate spot in your yard. This will allow you to attract the birds you want.



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