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GLAMOUR UK, a renowned women's fashion magazine, has ignited a wave of controversy by featuring a prominently pregnant transgender man on its June cover. Logan Brown, a biological woman who identifies as a man, unexpectedly became pregnant during a break from testosterone treatments while in the process of transitioning. This move by GLAMOUR UK to highlight Logan Brown as a symbol of pride during LGBTQ Pride Month has generated a significant backlash. Let's delve deeper into the details of this contentious cover feature.

1. GLAMOUR UK's Choice: Logan Brown, Trans Activist

The UK edition of GLAMOUR Magazine, which typically focuses on fashion, beauty, and women's health, has taken a departure by selecting trans activist Logan Brown as its cover star for June. Brown, described as an author, father, and transgender man, became pregnant with his partner Bailey J Mills, a non-binary drag performer in the UK. At 27 years old, Brown works as a residential children's support worker and is involved in writing a children's book called "My Daddy's Belly," alongside an autobiography.

2. Overcoming Challenges: ADHD and Autism

During an interview with GLAMOUR, Brown candidly speaks about struggling with ADHD, often losing track of thoughts. Both Brown and their partner Mills also contend with ADHD and autism, leading to moments of feeling overwhelmed. Brown emphasizes the significance of being a "trans pregnant man" and asserts their existence despite skepticism. The experience of bringing a baby into the world within a queer relationship is described as an overwhelmingly positive feeling.

3. Mental Health Struggles and Hospital Experience

Acknowledging a history of severe mental health issues, Brown discloses consistent therapy sessions. They express discomfort with their experiences in the women's hospital ward, where they have been misgendered by staff. Brown criticizes the lack of support and the absence of inquiries about the unique challenges faced as a trans pregnant man. Mental health support is identified as a crucial need in such circumstances.

Public Reaction and Controversy

GLAMOUR UK's choice to feature a pregnant transgender man on its cover has stirred a considerable outcry across various social media platforms. Critics argue that Brown's pregnancy, as a biological female, does not align with the concept of a man getting pregnant, emphasizing the biological impossibility. Piers Morgan, a former TV news host turned political commentator, questions the presentation of Brown's pregnancy as a remarkable occurrence, considering the millions of biological females who conceive each year.

Internet personality Oli London highlights the irony of a pregnant woman claiming to be a man and calling themselves a "pregnant man" and "father" appearing on the cover of one of the UK's prominent women's magazines. Critics like journalist Helen Joyce stress that all babies are gestated within a woman's body, emphasizing the commonplace nature of this process.


GLAMOUR UK's decision to feature a heavily pregnant transgender man, Logan Brown, on its June cover has sparked controversy and triggered debates around the understanding of gender and biological realities. While GLAMOUR UK intended to celebrate pride during LGBTQ Pride Month, the choice of a pregnant transgender man as the cover star has drawn criticism from individuals who argue that pregnancy is inherently tied to female biology. The clash of perspectives highlights the complexities surrounding gender and invites further discussions on inclusivity and representation in the media.

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