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Bette Midler, a prominent Hollywood actress, and singer, recently sparked controversy with a tweet she posted on Easter Sunday. In her tweet, she suggested that Christians are responsible for school shootings in America, using Christianity to push for the Democrats' radical gun control agenda.

Here's a closer look at what Midler said, and the reaction it has received.

The Tweet That Started It All

Midler's tweet on Easter Sunday was designed to be provocative. She started by addressing Christians directly, saying, "On this most Holy Day in the Christian calendar, remember the slaughter of your own innocents in school shootings across America." This statement is clearly meant to be confrontational, and it has generated significant backlash.

Many Christians and conservatives have taken issue with Midler's implication that they bear responsibility for school shootings. This is an outrageous suggestion and one that has been widely criticized.

Using Christianity to Push a Political Agenda

What's particularly concerning about Midler's tweet is that it's clearly designed to promote a specific political agenda. By using Easter as a platform to push for gun control, Midler is weaponizing Christianity in a way that many find deeply offensive.

Midler goes on to say in her tweet, "Let this #Easter mark a #resurrection, for them and for your commitment to change." This suggests that the way to honor the victims of school shootings is to support the Democrats' gun control proposals. This is an overtly political message, and it's one that has no place on a holy day like Easter.

The Reaction to Midler's Tweet

Unsurprisingly, Midler's tweet has generated significant controversy. Many have called her out for using Christianity as a political tool, and for suggesting that Christians bear responsibility for school shootings. Some have also pointed out that Midler's tweet is factually incorrect; school shootings are not the fault of Christians or any other religious group.

Others have defended Midler, arguing that she has a right to express her opinion and that her tweet was well-intentioned. However, even those who support gun control may take issue with the way Midler has used Easter to promote her political views.

Final Thoughts

Bette Midler's tweet on Easter Sunday was highly controversial. By suggesting that Christians bear responsibility for school shootings and using Easter to push a political agenda, she has offended many people. While she has the right to express her opinion, it's important to remember that religious holidays are not an appropriate platform for promoting political views.

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