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Putin's War

Over the past year, Russia has been engaged in a war that has impacted its economy and businesses in various ways. The conflict has resulted in some winners and losers, and in this article, we will take a closer look at who they are.


  1. Military contractors – With the Russian military involved in the war, military contractors have been able to secure lucrative contracts for the supply of arms and other equipment.
  2. Natural resources sector – As the conflict has intensified, the demand for natural resources such as oil and gas has increased, leading to a boost in the Russian economy.
  3. Agriculture – Russia has become self-sufficient in agriculture due to the war, as it has been forced to rely less on imports from other countries.
  4. IT sector – With an increased demand for communication technology and cyber security, the IT sector in Russia has seen significant growth.


  1. Small businesses – The war has caused a decline in consumer spending, making it difficult for small businesses to stay afloat.
  2. Tourism industry – The conflict has made it difficult for tourists to visit Russia, resulting in a significant decrease in revenue for the tourism industry.
  3. Import and export sector – With many countries imposing sanctions on Russia, the import and export sector has suffered greatly.
  4. Banking sector – The war has made it difficult for banks to lend money to businesses, resulting in a decrease in investments and economic growth.


In conclusion, the war in Russia has had both positive and negative impacts on the country’s economy and businesses. While military contractors, the natural resources sector, agriculture, and the IT sector have seen growth, small businesses, the tourism industry, the import and export sector, and the banking sector have suffered. It remains to be seen how the conflict will ultimately impact the country in the long term.

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