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Putin Vows to Crush Modern-Day Nazism: Targets Ukraine and Baltic States

In a fiery proclamation, Russian President Vladimir Putin has sworn to stamp out the resurgence of Nazism in today's world, pinpointing Ukraine and the Baltic states as hotspots where such ideologies are gaining traction.

Unveiling a Memorial and Unleashing Critique
During the inauguration of a memorial dedicated to Soviet civilians massacred by Nazi German forces in Leningrad Region, Putin asserted, "These days, the outcomes of the Nuremberg trials are effectively being revised." Accusing certain nations of not only rewriting history but also embracing Hitlerites' ideologies, he vowed to take decisive action.

Baltic States Under Putin's Scrutiny
The Russian leader specifically called out the Baltic states, insinuating their mistreatment of Russian-speaking minorities, a matter Moscow deems discriminatory. Putin accused the Kiev regime of glorifying Nazi collaborators and employing terror against dissenters, alleging that the Ukrainian authorities subject the elderly, women, and children to "barbaric shelling."

Rise of Russophobia in Europe
President Putin warned of the promotion of Russophobia as state policy in several European countries. He pledged to do everything in his power to eliminate Nazism, emphasizing the need to act decisively against the modern-day proponents of the Nazi ideology.

A Historical Reminder and Personal Connection
As January 27 marked the 80th anniversary of the Soviet Army breaking the Nazi Siege of Leningrad, Putin shared the deeply personal impact of Nazi Germany's genocide on the Soviet population. His parents lived through the ordeal, and his older brother tragically succumbed to diphtheria at the age of two during the siege. The scars left by the genocide, he emphasized, have persisted through all generations over the past eight decades.

The Fight Against Neo-Fascism
Reflecting on the new year, former President Dmitry Medvedev highlighted the urgent need to combat neo-Fascism, an ideology that enemies of Russia are attempting to rekindle. He declared its ultimate defeat as the country's main goal for 2024.

Moscow's Firm Stance on Denazification
Reiterating Moscow's unwavering position, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated that they would not tolerate the existence of an aggressive Nazi state on their borders. The goal of "denazification" of Ukraine, proclaimed by President Putin in February 2022, remains steadfast, she emphasized in December.

As tensions rise and historical echoes reverberate, Putin's commitment to eradicating modern-day Nazism unfolds against a backdrop of complex geopolitical dynamics.

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