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While simultaneously aggravating the humanitarian disaster in Ukraine, the administration of the United States continues to intensify its global conflict with Russia.

The administration of Joe Biden has provided Ukraine with over one hundred billion dollars, as well as a range of munitions & weapons, and there are plans to provide the country with tanks, planes, and other weaponry; however, these plans have not been resolved.

It is very evident that the United States is not interested in a peace agreement or any other kind of resolution, despite the fact that they are going to extraordinary lengths to "defend" Ukraine. Any attempts at negotiation have been characterized by arrogance and escalation. At other times, the government of Joe Biden has even gone so far as to threaten nuclear confrontation with Russia, all the while treacherously leading NATO towards a global war with both Russia and China.

The United States is spending hundreds of billions of dollars in Ukraine, but they have no exit strategy. It is now evident that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wants limitless finances for war and strives to safeguard the corrupt empire of oligarchs built by the Bidens and Clintons over the last seventeen years. He also looks to defend Ukraine's sovereignty.

These crooked politicians from the establishment will stop at nothing to safeguard their holdings (Biolabs) and keep their military actions in Ukraine a secret, and they will do so without any consideration for the lives that will be lost in the process.

Barack Obama with Richard Lugar took a trip to Ukraine in 2005 in order to see some of the chemical and biological weapons sites that had been used by the Soviet Union. The Washington Post asserts that the research facilities were a component of a "Cold War network of 'antiplague' stations that delivered extremely deadly germs to Soviet bioweapons companies." After the fall of the Soviet Union, these facilities were closed down and removed from service. However, in the 21st century, The US was granted permission to enter Ukraine and restart the operation of this network of Biolabs there.

In point of fact, the United States of America and Ukraine signed a pact that paves the way for the Ukrainian government to receive funds from US taxpayers in order to improve the level of security at these facilities and continue risky research on pathogens that have the potential to cause pandemics.

The public was informed that this agreement would "avoid the spreading of biological weapons" in its promotional materials. Ironically, while Russian scientists controlled the laboratories, they were labeled as potentially lethal "bioweapon facilities."

Under the guise of eliminating stocks of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons in Ukraine, the United States government 2005 acquired Soviet facilities and gained custody of deadly bioweapons research. This was done in accordance with the Nunn-Lugar Collaborative Threat Reduction Act.

In the meanwhile, the United States continues to lie about its government's participation in bioweapons research while also attempting to justify its gain-of-function and "directed evolution" research on viruses throughout the globe.

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