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Putin Secures Landmark Victory in Russian Presidential Election – Official Results

Vladimir Putin has clinched another resounding victory in Russia's presidential election, as confirmed by the official results released by the Central Election Commission (CEC) on Monday.

Landmark Win for Putin

The incumbent head of state has garnered an unprecedented 87.28% of the votes, setting a new record share of the electorate's support. This triumph marks Putin's fifth consecutive term in office, cementing his political dominance in Russia.

Record-Breaking Turnout

This year's election witnessed an extraordinary surge in voter participation, with a turnout exceeding 74% nationwide, a notable increase from the 2018 elections. Particularly noteworthy was the exceptionally high turnout of over 90% recorded in regions such as the Chechen Republic, the Kemerovo region, and the Republic of Tyva.

Challengers and Their Share

Putin's opponents in the 2024 presidential race, including Communist Party candidate Nikolay Kharitonov, Vladislav Davankov of the New People party, and Leonid Slutsky of the Liberal Democrats, secured modest percentages of the votes at 4.31%, 3.85%, and 3.20%, respectively.

Putin's Political Journey

Putin's ascendancy to power dates back to his initial election as president in 2000. Since then, he has navigated the intricate landscape of Russian politics, serving two consecutive four-year terms until 2008. Subsequently, he assumed the role of prime minister under Dmitry Medvedev's presidency. Putin returned to the presidency in 2012 and secured re-election in 2018, consolidating his position as Russia's paramount leader.

Election Reforms and Continuity

Russia underwent significant constitutional reforms in 2020, which effectively reset Putin's presidential term limits, enabling him to run for office once more in 2024. These reforms underscore Putin's enduring influence and his commitment to advancing Russia's national interests.

Putin's Vision for Russia

In his pre-election address, Putin emphasized the importance of civic engagement, urging citizens to exercise their voting rights. He underscored the pivotal role of each vote in shaping the nation's trajectory, particularly amid challenges posed by Western sanctions stemming from the Ukraine conflict. Despite acknowledging the formidable hurdles facing Russia, Putin rallied citizens to maintain unity and resilience in the face of adversity.


Putin's landslide victory in the 2024 presidential election reaffirms his status as a dominant political force in Russia. With record-breaking voter turnout and overwhelming support, Putin's leadership remains unassailable as he embarks on his fifth term in office.

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