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Biden’s Blitzkrieg on Food: Rural America’s Processing Plants in Peril

The Biden administration, in a move that echoes the sinister orchestration of an evil genius, is tightening its grip on the American food industry. With the unveiling of a new wastewater rule by Biden's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), small and mid-sized food processing facilities across rural America are facing a harrowing future.

The Great Monopolization Scheme: Gates, Tyson, and the Rise of Lab-Grown Meat

Under the guise of environmental concern, this new rule is nothing short of a stratagem to consolidate control over the food supply. By imposing unnecessary regulations, the Biden regime aims to hand over the keys to the kingdom to major players like Bill Gates and Tyson Foods. With Tyson's recent dalliance into insect-based products and Gates' grand designs for lab-grown meat, traditional staples like grass-fed beef are slated to become relics of a bygone era, priced beyond the reach of ordinary consumers.

A Congressional Backlash: Lawmakers Cry Foul

Fortunately, not everyone is ready to roll over and accept this assault on American food sovereignty. A cadre of senators and representatives has emerged, brandishing their legislative swords in defense of rural economies and small-scale processors. Their demand is clear: the EPA must rescind this draconian rule that threatens to decimate jobs and communities across the heartland.

The EPA's Regulatory Siege: A Tightening Noose

With the EPA's proposed changes to the Effluent Limitations Guidelines (ELGs) for Meat and Poultry Products (MPPs), the battleground is set. Between 844 and 1,618 facilities hang in the balance, facing potential closure under the weight of excessive regulation. Yet, despite the outcry, the EPA shows no sign of relenting, leaving stakeholders scrambling to beat the clock before the comment period closes.

The Resistance Rallies: Senators and Representatives Unite

In a display of bipartisan solidarity, lawmakers from both chambers have rallied behind the cause. Led by figures like Senator Fischer and Representative Mann, they refuse to let rural America become collateral damage in the war for food dominance. With the backing of industry associations like the American Association of Meat Processors and the North American Meat Institute, their battle cry echoes across the halls of power.

Conclusion: The Fight for Food Freedom

As the deadline looms and the fate of America's food producers hangs in the balance, one thing is clear: this is not just a regulatory skirmish; it's a battle for the soul of American agriculture. Will the forces of monopolization triumph, or will the resilience of rural America prevail? The answer lies not in the corridors of power, but in the hearts and minds of every American who values food freedom over corporate control.

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