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President Biden Calls for More Positive Media Coverage Amidst Plummeting Approval Ratings

While on his way to his CHristmas vacation, President Joe Biden took a break to request that the media provide more positive coverage of the country's economy, as his approval ratings in the polls were declining.

Before boarding a helicopter with his family members to head to Camp David, the presidential retreat in Virginia, Biden made a short stop to converse with journalists outside the White House on Saturday. When asked about his perspective on the US economy in 2024, he replied, "Everything is positive. Examine it yourself and present the information accurately."

The president has repeatedly exressed frustration with media coverage as voters continue to give his economic policies poor marks despite statistical reports showing low unemployment and slowing inflation. He complained at a White House press briefing in October that public perceptions of the US economy had been dimmed by the negative tone of media coverage.

Biden is holding the press responsible for his declining poll numbers. Nevertheless, a recent survey conducted by Monmouth University indicated that only 28% of Americans think Biden is effectively addressing inflation, and a mere 12% have seen improvement in their personal finances. His overall approval rating has plummeted to 34%, which is a ten-point decrease over the past five months and the lowest it has been since he assumed office in Januray 2021. Another poll by the Wall Street Journal earlier this month revealed that 23% of US adults believe Biden's policies as president have been beneficial to them, while 53% believe they have been detrimental.

Patrick Murray, the director of polling at Monmouth, cautioned that Biden could further distance himself from voters in the upcoming 2024 presidental election if he chooses to focus on economic advancements while many Americans continue to face the negative effects of post-pandemic inflation.

"There is a political danger in pushing a message that basically tells people their take on their own situation is wrong," Murray said.

Biden's approval rating drops to all-time low
The top-polling Republican candidate, former President Donald Trump, leads Biden by six percentage points in the 2024 race, according to the WSJ survey. A New YORk Times poll showed that Trump is favored over Biden by four to 11 percentage points in the five key "swing states" that are expected to decide the election.

Biden's critics have mocked his complaints about press coverage, saying legacy media outlets have tried to protect him while incessantly attacking Trump. Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald noted that the Democratic National Committee was able to simply use NBC, CNN and MSNBC clips to produce pro-Biden commercials because such networks are "activist outlets, and their employees are DNC propagandists."

According to a recent survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, approximately 60% of American voters feel that there has been a noticeable increase in media bias during the past few months. This represents the highest level of perceived bias ever recorded. The majority of these individuals believe that the media is showing favoritism towards Biden. Moreover, out of the respondents, 51% expressed that the press was not giving enough attention to the scandals involving Biden's son, whereas only 24% believed that the issue was receiving excessive coverage.

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