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Missouri Attorney General Launches Investigation into Media Matters: Accuses Soros-Funded Group of Deceptively Manipulating Social Media Algorithm to Silence Free Speech

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is officially investigating Media Matters, a left-wing group funded by GEorge Soros and led by David Brock, a prominent Clinton operative. The inquiry centers on allegations that Media Matters engaged in efforts to coerce advertisers to abandon X (formerly Twitter) by manipulating the platform's algorithm.

AG Bailey recently sent a letter to Media Matters, referencing a federal lawsuit that accuses the organization of deceptively manipulating X's algorithm thru coordinated, inauthentic behavior. The lawsuit contends that Media Matters aimed to defame the platform and prompt advertisers to withdraw their support, thereby harming free speech. Bailey highlighted the lawsuit's serious allegations of false claims regarding the appearance of fringe, extremist content next to corporate advertisements, and the potential use of such activity to solicit charitable donations.

According to Bailey, if proven, these actions would violate the state's consumer protection laws, particularly those prohibiting nonprofit entities from soliciting funds under false pretenses. Bailey emphasized X as "the last platform dedicated to free speech in America."

The attorney general's office has instructed Media Matters to preserve internal communications related to their strategy targeting X's advertisers, as well as communications with major entities such as IBM, Lions Gate Entertainment, Apple, Disney, Warner Brothers Discovery, Paramount Gold, NBCUniversal, Comcast, Sony, Ubisoft, and Walmart.

Media Matters has also been directed to preserve internal communications related to policies, strategies, or operations intending to "cancel," "deplatform," "demonetize," or interfere with businesses or organizations in Missouri or used by Missouri residents.

Bailey further criticized Media Matters and similar organizations as "progressive tyrants masquerading as news outlets" in tweets, characterizing them as threats to free speech. Entrepreneur Elon Musk expressed support for the investigation, stating that X is suing Media Matters in all countries where they operate. Musk labeled Media Matters as an "evil propoganda machine" and expressed a strong commitment to defending free speech on X, even if it meant facing legal consequences.

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