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WEF’s Latest Blockbuster: Hollywood Sells Out to ‘Net Zero’ Agenda

Hollywood's New Script: Climate Hysteria Hits the Big Screen

In a plot twist worthy of a B-list movie, it appears that the World Economic Forum (WEF) has snagged a cameo in Tinseltown, cozying up with Democrat activists in sunny California. Their mission? Nothing short of commandeering the very narratives that grace our silver screens, all in the name of shoving their 'Net Zero' propaganda down our throats.

Hollywood's New Partners in Crime: WEF and Good Energy

Enter stage left: "Good Energy," the climate activist group itching to leave its mark on every screenplay in town. Teaming up with Hollywood's A-listers, they've managed to slip their 'Net ZEro' spiel into plots quicker than you can say "lights, camera, activism!" Their playbook? Simple. Climate alarmism is the new leading lady, and characters must emote anger, depression, and grief over the so-called "climate crisis."

Lights, Camera, Activism!

But wait, there's more! With backing from billionaire foundations like Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Sierra Club, Good Energy pledges to infiltrate half of all new Hollywood films within the next three years. No genre is safe from their eco-evangelism-- even if your movie's about love, betrayal, or aliens invading Earth, expect a side of climate doom with your popcorn.

A Climate Apocalypse in Every Plot Twist

From Apple TV+ to the next big-budget series, climate change is stealing the spotlight. Just ask Scott Z Burns, who's teaming up with Good Energy to explore how rising temperatures will spice up your family drama. But why stop there? If your protagonist needs a ride, make it a solar-powered yacht. Because nothing screams cinematic brilliance liek a dash of environmental activism.

Box Office Bust: Climate Hysteria Falls Flat

Despite their best efforts, it seems audiences aren't buying what Hollywood's peddling. When climate change hysteria infiltrated soap operas during COP 26, viewers weren't tuning in for the eco-drama. Turns out, preaching from the pulpit of entertainment might not be as effective as they 'd hoped.

Climate Billionaires: Masters of Manipulation

Behind the scenes, billionaire puppet-masters pull the strings, using activist groups as their mouthpieces. Michael Bloomberg's nonprofit aims to sway politicians by tugging at the heartstrings of the masses. Meanwhile, Aileen Getty funds protests that disrupt critical energy infrastructure, all in the name of 'saving the planet.'

The Cult of 'Net Zero': Where Climate Hysteria Meets Totalitarianism

In their quest for 'Net Zero' carbon, climate alarmists are willing to sacrifice it all-- even common sense. But while they preach about the end of the world, real issues like pollution and contamination take a back seat. It seems their devotion to the cause blinds them to the bigger picture, leaving the rest of us to question their motives.

LIghts Out on the Climate Drama

As the curtain falls on Hollywood's latest eco-epic, one thing's for certain: the audience is growing weary of the same old script. Perhaps it's time for a new storyline-- one where facts trump fiction, and reality takes center stage. Until then, we'll be waiting in the wings, watching as the climate circus unfolds.

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