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Medical Education

This is a code phrase for anti-white leftism, and the(AAMC) has now published the first-ever investigation of the degree to which "diversity, equality, and inclusion" (DEI) has harmed the level of medical education opportunities in the United States.

To suggest that the field of contemporary medicine is rapidly transforming into an affirmative action swamp of unqualified "minorities" is an understatement. These "minorities" have only attained their position because of their skin color, not because of their competence or talent.

In order to graduate, prospective nurses and physicians no longer have to demonstrate that they are competent or have merit in their field. Now, the most essential thing is the look of their skin as well as their racial background, which, if it is not white or European, means that you can get a head start into the top medical roles even if you lack the skills which might normally be required. In other words, the race has become the most important factor.

Because of this, care standards are falling by the wayside, which is exactly what you might expect to happen. In certain instances, patients are getting the incorrect sort of care, with the wrong amounts of medication, and the wrong therapy overall because their physicians were given preferential treatment because they are not white. This has led to patients obtaining improper care.

Although this publication encourages individuals of all colors, races, genders, and faiths to pursue careers in medicine, these positions should be earned and cannot be granted solely on superficial characteristics such as race or gender.

Because of wakefulness, the medical industry in the United States is becoming increasingly riskier and of lesser quality.

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) conducted a study of 101 colleges, which represented approximately two-thirds of all American medical schools; two of these institutions were also located in Canada. According to the research conducted by the organization, the College of Medicine at Ohio State University is among the most progressive medical institutions in the United States.

It would seem that the majority of medical schools around the nation are awake, at least to some degree. There was not a single school on the AAMC list that received a score that was below the threshold at which DEI is considered to be at least partially implemented. This indicates that nearly all of the students who will one day become doctors are being indoctrinated as well as brainwashed into the anti-white doctrines, and as a result, many of them will likely be subpar physicians, putting the public's health in jeopardy.

"So, how is it that medical schools are the most progressive? Dr. Stanley Goldfarb publishes an article for the New York Post titled "Affirmative action, for the one: 100% have 'admissions policies and procedures for supporting a diverse group of students.'"

"A full 85 percent of organizations have leaders who have "utilized demographic data to drive change" in their organizations. In other terms, med schools are placing an ever greater focus on applicants' races and genders when recruiting potential students. This strategy runs the danger of de-emphasizing merit, which might result in a decrease in the quality of the medical students.

"Schools are almost completely awake across the board with regard to several other metrics. Ninety-nine percent of schools have leaders who often take part in DEI forums at the local, state, or national level. This takes the educators' attention away from the classroom. A total of 98% of schools have implemented a mechanism through which students may report instances of prejudice, which may cause teachers to self-censor out of fear of being punished for discussing more challenging aspects of health care. In the same proportion, new projects or funding streams have been established for DEI, while 97% of organizations have "a dedicated office, people, and resources."

In other words, the majority of medical schools in the United States have already established full-time and permanent bureaucracies to oversee DEI. These bureaucracies guarantee that students are thoroughly submerged in anti-white dogmas at all times. In the meanwhile, these very same students really aren't studying the things that they truly need to know in order to treat patients effectively, such as knowledge and competence.

Take into account that the AAMC is now exerting pressure on any and all med colleges to embrace all DEI dogmas, which, as Dr. Goldfarb points out, "does not look good for the future in health care." He goes on to warn that as a result of all of this, admission criteria, faculty & research resources, as well as the general quality of medical education, would all suffer.

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