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Life Today: A Journey of Hustle, Hope, and Heart

Life Today

Life today, moves so fast, A race that never seems to last, We hustle and bustle and we strive, To keep up with the ever-changing tide.

Technology and screens galore, We're always plugged in, always more, Messages and notifications never cease, Our minds a constant state of release.

But amidst the chaos and the rush, We must remember to stop and hush, To breathe in the air and feel the sun, And cherish the moments, one by one.

Life today may be a blur, But there are moments that endure, The laughter, the love, the simple joys, and The things that make our hearts rejoice.

So let us take a moment to slow down, appreciate the beauty that we know, savor the sweetness of each day, And find the peace that comes our way. In life today, there's much to learn, To take risks and to take a turn, To challenge our fears and take a leap, To climb that mountain that seems so steep.

And when we fall, as we sometimes do, We must have the strength to push on through, rise again, stand up tall, And continue the journey, giving it our all.

Life today may be tough at times, A world that can be full of crimes, A place where hate and fear still reside, But hope and love can always abide.

Every act of kindness and grace, Can light up the world and brighten a face, Every small gesture can make a change, And inspire hope in a world that can be strange.

So let us remember, in life today, To be grateful, to love, to hope and to pray, To embrace each day with an open heart, And to live a life that sets us apart.

Bt Chris Wick

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