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John Tory Reflects on Legacy in Final Public Remarks as Mayor of Toronto

In his final public remarks as the mayor of Toronto, John Tory acknowledged that it was difficult for him to leave his position, but he believed it was the right decision. The press conference, held with Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie at city hall, marked the end of Tory's over eight years in power.

Legacy Tarnished by Scandal

Tory conceded that his legacy would likely be affected by the scandal that led to his resignation. The scandal involved an extended relationship he had with a member of his office staff, as revealed by a Star investigation. However, he expressed his hope that people would also remember the work he had accomplished during his time as mayor.

Tory's Accomplishments

One of the mayor's notable achievements was in the construction of housing and transit projects in Toronto. He also emphasized his success in keeping taxes low, which helped to ease the financial burden for many Torontonians.

More than anything, Tory wanted to be remembered for his efforts in keeping the city stable and moving forward. He made it a point to reach out to those who shared his love for the city and work with them to make it a better place.

The Toronto Way

Tory believed that the key to improving Toronto was by working together. He stated that "the Toronto way" involved collaboration and collective efforts to create a better city. He viewed being the mayor of Toronto as the best job anyone could ever have, as it allowed him to contribute to the city's growth and success.

Leaving Was the Right Thing to Do

Although it was difficult for Tory to leave his position, he knew it was the right thing to do. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as the mayor of Toronto and acknowledged that leaving was the best decision for him and the city.


John Tory's final public remarks as the mayor of Toronto were a reflection of his legacy and his accomplishments during his time in office. While he acknowledged the scandal that led to his resignation, he hoped that people would also remember the positive changes he made to the city. Tory emphasized the importance of collaboration and collective efforts in improving Toronto and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as its mayor.

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