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Kremlin Denounces US ‘Misrepresentation’ of Putin’s Nuclear Statements

In a recent devolopement, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has strongly criticized Washington for what he perceives as a deliberate misrepresentation of President Putin's remarks regarding the conditions under which Russia would employ nuclear weapons.

White House Reaction and Kremlin's Response

The controversy stems from comments made by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre regarding an interview with the Russian president conducted on Wednesday. Jean-Pierre's assertion that Putin was "reiterating Russia's nuclear doctrine" was followed by a claim that Russia's nuclear rhetoric during the conflict had been "reckless and irresponsible."

Peskov, however, dismissed these assertions as a distortion of the interview's context, emphasizing that Putin had made no explicit threats regarding the use of nuclear weapons. He clarified that Putin was merely responding to journalists' inquiries rather than issuing official statements. Peskov highlighted Jean-Pierre's omission of Putin's statement affirming that the uise of tactical nuclear weapons had never been contemplated, despite various battlefield scenarios.

Putin's Position on Nuclear Weapons

During the interview, Putin underscored Russia's historical stance of refraining from the use of weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine. He emphasized the nation's readiness to utilize any available means, including nuclear weapons, to safeguard its sovereignty and independence, as outlined in Russia's Strategy. Putin's decree in June 2020 regarding Russia's nuclear deterrence policy further solidifies this stance, authorizing the use of nuclear weapons in scenarios endangering the state's existence.

Asserting Russia's technological superiority in nuclear capabilities, Putin cautioned against the potential consequences of the US abandoning its unofficial moratorium on nuclear testing. He suggested that the expertise within the US, including President Joe Biden's, should be sufficient to prevent a nuclear conflict. However, he warned of reciprocal action should the US opt to resume nuclear testing.


The exchange between the Kremlin and the White House underscores the ongoing tension surrounding Russia's nuclear policies amid the conflict. While Moscow reaffirms its commitment to deterrence and national security, Washington faces scrutiny for its interpretation of Putin's statements. The implications of these exchanges on international relations, particularly regarding nuclear disarmament efforts, remain to be seen.

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