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Alex Rosen Gets Literally Dragged Out of Rally for Asking Crooked Hillary About Epstein Island

In recent news, a video has gone viral on social media, capturing a moment of high tension during a rally held by Hillary Clinton in support of Houston mayoral candidate Shelia Jackson Lee. The incident involved a heckler, 23-year-old Alex Rosen, who raised questions about former President Bill Clinton's alleged connections to the notorious Jeffrey Epstein. In this article, we will delve into the details of the event and the controversy surrounding Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, shedding light on this unsettling episode.

The Heckling Incident

During the Friday rally, as Hillary Clinton addressed the audience, Alex Rosen abruptly stood up and shouted questions related to Bill Clinton's association with Jeffrey Epstein. The video, initially posted on Twitter by Rosen, shows the moment he confronted Hillary Clinton and the ensuing commotion in the crowd.

Who is Alex Rosen?

Alex Rosen, the man behind the heckling, is a 23-year-old individual who seized the moment to question the Clintons' connection to Jeffrey Epstein. This incident has left many wondering about his motivations and background.

Bill Clinton's Alleged Visits to "Pedophile Island"

Rosen's question specifically revolved around the allegations that former President Bill Clinton had made multiple visits to Jeffrey Epstein's private island, commonly referred to as "Pedophile Island." These allegations have sparked considerable public interest and scrutiny.

The Reaction of the Crowd

The audience's reaction was divided, with some expressing their support for Clinton by chanting "Shelia! Shelia! Shelia!" and others voicing their disapproval of Rosen's actions. The incident triggered a tense atmosphere during the event.

The Removal of Alex Rosen

Security personnel swiftly intervened and attempted to remove Alex Rosen from the event as he ventured closer to the stage. This resulted in a brief struggle, which was captured on video. Rosen continued to vocalize his concerns about America's funding of Ukraine as he was escorted out.

Bill Clinton's Response

In November 2022, Bill Clinton was asked by a reporter to comment on his alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein. The former president's response was concise, stating, "I think the evidence is in." This cryptic remark has left many questions unanswered.

Hillary Clinton's Recent Heckling

It's worth noting that this incident wasn't the only instance of heckling that Hillary Clinton faced. Earlier in the same week, she was confronted by concerned American citizens during a panel discussion at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. This time, the criticisms revolved around various controversies, including accusations of "warmongering," her reluctance to criticize Democrat President Joe Biden and concerns about her stance on free speech.


The heckling incident at the Hillary Clinton rally has added fuel to the ongoing controversy surrounding Bill Clinton's alleged connections to Jeffrey Epstein. While the incident itself may have been disruptive, it underscores the importance of addressing public concerns and providing transparent answers to contentious questions. As the story unfolds, it remains to be seen how these events will impact the broader political discourse.

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