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Is Ukraine’s ‘Kill List’ Real? A Threat to Free Speech?

So, folks, as we navigate this bizarre and bewildering world of international intrigue, let's hope that someday we can all make it to Ukraine's VIP 'Kill List'—you know, the one where you're listed as a "traitor to Ukraine" just for expressing your opinion. But until then, remember, sarcasm is our best defense against the absurdity of it all.

I guess when diplomacy fails, they resort to lists. More on this below. Keep Reading.

Recent reports have stirred controversy, as Ukraine's main intelligence agency (SBU) has allegedly started compiling a list of American citizens critical of the Ukrainian regime, ominously referred to as the 'Kill List.' This program, purportedly funded by American taxpayers, has raised concerns about freedom of speech and foreign relations. In this article, we will delve into the details of this unfolding controversy and explore the implications it may have.

The Kill List Revelation

Allegations and Controversy Surrounding the 'Kill List

The Kill List has sent shockwaves through the international community. It is said to target any American who dares to criticize the Ukrainian government, particularly the Zelensky regime. According to Ukrainian authorities, individuals who speak out against the government may be officially designated as "traitors to Ukraine" and, shockingly, could be subjected to assassination. These allegations have raised concerns about the suppression of free speech and the consequences for American citizens who exercise their right to criticize foreign governments.

The Role of American Taxpayer Dollars

The most unsettling aspect of this controversy is the claim that American taxpayer dollars are being used to fund this program. While foreign aid and support for Ukraine have been ongoing, the idea that these funds may be used to silence American citizens is deeply troubling. It raises questions about the allocation of resources and the accountability of foreign aid programs.

The Case of Jack Posobiec

One notable American mentioned in connection with the 'Kill List' is conservative journalist Jack Posobiec. He is reportedly listed as an "anti-Ukrainian propagandist" and a "provocateur" in the Myrovorets list. Posobiec's inclusion has drawn attention to the potential repercussions faced by Americans who express dissenting opinions about Ukraine. The controversy surrounding his inclusion has further intensified the debate over the legitimacy of such lists and the actions of foreign governments.

International Reaction

The international community and American citizens have not remained silent in response to these allegations. Many have expressed their concerns and disbelief regarding the existence of a 'Kill List' targeting American citizens. Questions about the morality and legality of such actions have been raised, demanding answers from both Ukrainian and American officials.


The alleged creation of Ukraine's 'Kill List' targeting American citizens who criticize the government has ignited a storm of controversy. While these allegations remain unverified, they underscore the importance of safeguarding freedom of speech and ensuring transparency in the allocation of foreign aid. As this story continues to develop, it serves as a reminder of the complexities of international relations and the need for vigilance in protecting fundamental rights and principles.

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