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It has been claimed that the administration of Joe Biden has committed over two million dollars worth of taxpayer funding to a media education program that educates individuals on how to battle "disinformation." The program intends to educate educators in secondary and tertiary institutions, professionals working in the media and libraries, as well as government personnel and information experts in other nations.

The Washington Examiner was successful in obtaining the award, and it will be used as a component of the American Spaces Digital Literacy and Training Program. This program is being administered by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs under the State Department.

Is There an Awakened Purpose Behind This Program?

However, the grant paperwork revealed that the initiative, which purports to battle "disinformation," is riddled with a radical "woke" agenda. This is despite the fact that the program's stated goal is to combat "disinformation." The agency that is responsible for the program states that its mission is to "increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries," and it also attempts to "embed diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility" into every facet of its work.

The money will be given by the department to a nonprofit organization or a higher education institution in the United States in order to establish a "digital literacy" program in at least 16 different nations in Europe and Central Asia. Up to the 7th of June, applications will be accepted.

One of the spokespeople for the United States Department of State (DOS) stressed that "disinformation" is a "priority issue around the world," and that the funding will "help achieve US foreign policy goals." The Department of State emphasizes that the process of awarding grants be carried out in a manner that is compliant with all applicable federal laws and standards, including those pertaining to favoritism and bias. Biden's history of being "somewhat detached from the truth himself," as highlighted by Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI), a member of the Oversight and Accountability Committee, has led some detractors to raise their worries that he should not be the arbiter of truth.

A Few Parting Thoughts

In spite of the fact that combating misinformation is unquestionably a worthy objective, some detractors are concerned that the initiative may really be another example of a hidden wakeful purpose. Transparency and accountability are necessary components of every project that receives funding from the government in order to guarantee that the funds are used in an efficient and beneficial manner. It needs to be seen if this initiative is successful in accomplishing its objectives and is viewed as a positive step towards taking action against misinformation or whether it is attacked as a political instrument.

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