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Investing in Artificial Intelligence

As revealed by the analytics business CB Insights, investment in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has suffered a significant setback, falling by a significant 34% over the course of the last year to a total of $45.8 billion. This figure represents a significant decline.

The drop has a direct correlation to the overall slowdown that was reported in venture investing in the year 2022. Moreover, the overall number of AI deals has decreased by 10%, coming in at 2,956. Although there was a minor increase in investment during the fourth quarter, which brought the total to $9.3 billion, the number of deals continued to fall over that time period.

The research underlined that over the previous year, the total number of AI unicorns amounted to 166, including 34 new additions. This figure does not include companies that were founded more recently. In addition, the number of mega-rounds dropped from the record high of the previous year to a measly 115, representing a loss of 39%. According to reports, the total financing represented by these acquisitions was $21.8 billion, a decrease of 47% on an annual basis.

According to another research by CB Insights, "Europe defied the overall trend for AI investment activity," citing the fact that the number of AI transactions completed in the area reached a new high of 616 in 2018. Nonetheless, despite the rise in the number of transactions, the total investment in the industry fell by 9%, landing at $6.2 billion.

According to the findings of the analysis, the United Kingdom was the primary driver of artificial intelligence (AI) investment activity across Europe in 2022, accounting for 48 percent of Europe's AI funding and 32 percent of the continent's agreements.

Despite this, a record slowdown in global venture capital funding has begun to have a greater impact on AI startups. This is primarily due to the pressures of the macroeconomic environment, which have already had an effect on technology startups and are now having an effect on the investors who support the industry.

To summarize, there was a significant decrease in the amount of money invested as well as the overall number of agreements that were completed in the artificial intelligence industry. Despite the all-time high number of artificial intelligence (AI) agreements completed in Europe, investment in the industry fell.

The United Kingdom played a big part in developing the region's artificial intelligence investment activities, and the general downturn in global venture capital funding hurt artificial intelligence businesses at a higher rate than it did technology startups.

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