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IMF’s Dystopian Plan: Imprisonment for Excessive Energy Use, A Call for Action Against the Great Reset

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, made alarming statements at the United Nations COP28 climate summit, proposing severe penalties for excessive energy use by citizens. Her stance, part of the WEF's Great Reset agenda, advocates for imprisoning individuals who surpass defined energy usage limits.

Georgieva emphasized the necessity of imposing new carbon taxes, intending to penalize citizens for contributing to what she terms "global boiling." Refusal to comply with these taxes would lead to prosecution and imprisonment, she warned. This call for stringent measures was juxtaposed against the extravagant lifestyles of attendees at the summit, who arrived on private jets, drove luxury cars, and indulged in opulent dining experiences.

"We are very keen to give the biggest possible incentive for decarbonization, which is putting a price on carbon," stated Georgieva during the summit. She emphasized the need for continually escalating carbon pricing to expedite the process of decarbonization, citing it as a significant revenue source for governments.

This imposition of carbon taxes, however, raises concerns about its disproportionate impact, seemingly favoring the affluent while penalizing middle-class and lower-income households. Georgieva's statements underscore a narrative where climate policies could limit access to everyday neccessities, transforming them into luxuries only the wealthy could afford.

The discrepancy between the elite advocating for severe measures and their own luxurious lifestyles further highlights the disconnect. The imposition of such policies could potentially relegate the majority to austere living conditions, while the privileged few continue their opulent ways.

This stark reality prompts a call to action, emphasizing the need to awaken the masses to the potential consequences of these policies. The trajectory, if unaltered, could lead to a society akin to modern-day slavery, perpetuated through a technologically advanced surveillance state.

There's speculation that the enforcement of such a dystopian society may involve economic upheaval, the introduction of digital currencies, and the requirement of biometric digital IDs, effectively establishing a pervasive surveillance network. The looming timeframe for these changes adds urgency to the need for awareness and action to avert a future dictated by oppressive measures and techno-subjugation.

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