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Funeral Director Exposes AstraZeneca’s Misleading Claims on ‘Rare’ Blood Clots!

In a shocking revelation that challenges the pharmaceutical giant's narrative, AstraZeneca has reluctantly admitted to the presence of severe side effects associated with its COVID 'vaccine,' including the formation of blood clots and dangerously low blood platelet counts.

Unveiling AstraZeneca's Unwelcome Acknowledgement

AstraZeneca's global retreat of its COVID 'vaccine' comes in the wake of mounting legal pressure and damning court documents. These documents, under scrutiny in a class action lawsuit in the UK, highlight a grim reality: at least 81 individuals have perished, and numerous others have suffered severe injuries due to the vaccine's adverse effects.

Challenging the Status Quo

Since the inception of these experimental COVID jabs, morticians and funeral directors worldwide have been confronted with an unsettling phenomenon: peculiar clots found within the veins of the deceased—a phenomenon hitherto unseen in their professional experience.

John O’Looney: A Voice of Dissent

Enter John O’Looney, a funeral director from the UK who has emerged as a vocal critic, dismantling the prevailing narrative surrounding elevated mortality rates, particularly among the youth, and the alarming prevalence of unusual blood clots post-vaccination.

Exposing the Fallacy of 'Rare' Blood Clots

Contrary to AstraZeneca's assertion of the rarity of these blood clots, O’Looney asserts that such occurrences are far from rare.

Questioning the Establishment Narrative

With a wry twist of irony, one concerned observer points out the paradox: now that mainstream media has begrudgingly acknowledged AstraZeneca's role in blood clot formation, perhaps it's time to scrutinize other vaccine options such as Pfizer.

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