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EXPOSED: Barack Obama’s Secret Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

The release of a new trove of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein has revealed a circle of elite VIPs who continued associating with the convicted pedophile years after his conviction. Shockingly, among these VIPs was former US President Barack Obama. This revelation has been largely ignored by mainstream media outlets, including Fox News, who have been covering for the former president for years.

Wider Circle of VIPs

The newly released documents show that the circle of VIPs who continued associating with Epstein after his conviction is much wider than previously thought. And among those VIPs was former President Barack Obama.

High-Level Staff Meetings

According to the documents, a number of Obama’s high-level staff continued meeting regularly with Epstein years after he was convicted of pedophilia. For the first time, Epstein’s personal calendar was included in the documents, revealing the extent of the association between the VIPs and the convicted pedophile.

Obama's Attorney Kathryn Ruemmler

Obama’s personal White House attorney, Kathryn Ruemmler, had dozens of secret meetings with Epstein, none of which were disclosed at the time or explained by the Obama White House. It begs the question: why did Obama's attorney need to meet with Epstein dozens of times, and why was all of this kept a high-level secret?

CIA Director William Burns

In 2014, when current CIA director William Burns was Obama’s deputy secretary of state, he had three meetings with Epstein, a full eight years after Epstein had been convicted of child sex crimes. Burns and Epstein first met in Washington prior to Burns visiting Epstein and his Manhattan townhouse, according to the leaked documents.

State Censorship and Obama's Shady Backstory

The mainstream media's reluctance to question anything about Barack Obama’s extremely shady backstory, including his relationship with Epstein, is a result of state censorship. Obama has been protected by the alphabet agencies and Deep State long before he was elected president. The fact is he was selected, not elected, and everything about him and his life is a lie. For example, graduates from Obama’s Columbia University class admit they have no memory of him at all, which is strange considering Obama was supposedly a star student and top of his class.


The revelation of Barack Obama's secret relationship with Jeffrey Epstein is a bombshell that has been largely ignored by mainstream media. The documents reveal a wider circle of VIPs who continued associating with Epstein years after his conviction, including Obama's personal White House attorney and a top CIA official. This raises serious questions about the nature of their relationship and the extent of Epstein's influence. It is a shocking reminder of the corruption and deceit that permeates the highest levels of power.

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