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Mark Spitznagel, a prominent hedge fund manager, has held the opinion for some time that the economy of the United States, if not the economy of the entire world, is due for a significant correction. Frankly, given the fact that the drums of World War III are beating louder every day, it is reasonable to assume that he is knowledgeable about the subject matter.

An essay that was written on Spitznagal's approach to investing that was published in The Wall Street Journal described it as fundamentally unconventional yet tremendously effective. According to the information presented in the article, his company, Universal Investments, has frequently generated astounding annualized returns on often small investments, generating anywhere from three to five times the original value in a very short amount of time.

"For example, when Covid put global markets into a tailspin in the first quarter of 2020, returns were expected to be 4,000%. As if to reinforce the point that Spitznagel is as unusual as he is successful, the Wall Street Journal noted that the fund also gained $1 billion in a single day in 2015 during the "Flash Crash." In a nutshell, he is an expert in the subject matter that he discusses, which is the primary reason why his forecast of an impending catastrophic collapse is so credible.

According to the WSJ:

The sole forecast he offers is one that investors who follow him have heard many times over the course of more than a decade: that a significant reckoning of the financial system is about to occur. In his most recent letter, he referred to it as "objectively the largest tinderbox-timebomb in financial history," stating that it was larger than the one that occurred in the late 1920s and that it was likely to have comparable market effects.

An economic collapse on the scale of the Great Depression is quite a prediction, but Mr. Spitznagel does not provide a date and implies that the deliberate postponing of a crash has contributed to its final severity of it. The comparison, which is one that he has used in the past, is that monetary and fiscal firemen have been overzealous in their efforts to put out financial conflagrations, which has created the conditions for an out-of-control fire.

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