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COVID Vaccine Rollout Linked to Rise in Disabilities Among Working-Age Females

The recent release of data by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has highlighted a worrying fad: a significant increase in impairments amongst women adhering to the rollout of mRNA vaccinations.

Unprecedented Rise in Disabilities Amongst Females
The data, spanning from February 2021 to November 2023, reveals an incredible 55% surge in women reporting specials needs. This surge saw the number jump from 2.1 million to 3.2 million, worrying both experts and the insurance coverage sector. Such a drastic boost stands in raw comparison to long-lasting trends in handicap and death prices.

Startling Data
The record from November 2023 suggests a troubling fad. An extra 299,000 non-working Americans aged 16 and over reported disabilities, while 199,000 utilized individuals in tjhe same age signed up with the growing populace of impaired persons.

Continuous Rise in Disabilities
THe surge in self-reported disabilities commenced in February 2021 and has lingered since then. From 5,961 individuals reporting impairments in Feburary 2021, the number rose to 8,477 by August 2021-- a 42% rise. Regardless of a limited 1% decrease in November that year, the fad of intensifying disabilities has continued unabated.

Sex Difference in Injection Influence
Pfizer's post-marketing data exposed a raw sex difference in vaccine-induced damage. Within the first 10 weeks of the mRNA vaccine rollout, women suffered unfavorable events 3 times more frequently than guys. Amazingly, out of 42,086 reported cases, including negative events, 29,914 were women, and 9,182 were males. Tragically, 1,223 individuals (2.9%) lost theri lives because of these negative occasions.

Ed Dowd's Findings
Ed Dowd, the author of "Causes Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022," accentuated the astonishing statistics. His research from February 2021 to December 2022 exposed approximately 1.4 million excess impairments within the private labor force aged 16-64, combined with around 300,000 excess fatalities for the 25-64 age throughout that period.

Ramifications for Public Health
Dowd emphasized the relationship between morbidity and death, indicating the federal govenment disability survey as a critical indication of the nation's decreasing public health. He warned that the regular influx of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines might better worsen special needs and death rates, specifically amongst working-age grownups.

Future Issues and Campaigning For
While injection uptake has diminished, lingering wellness problems coming from the spike healthy protein's impact can continue specific individuals. The schedule of COVID boosters, in spite of placing resistance, increases problems about their proceeded damage to the population and clinical integrity.

The startling surge in specials needs, particularly amongst working-age women, following the COVID vaccination rollout emphasizes the imperative for continuous watchfulness, research study, and advocacy for public health.

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