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The cause of death in 30% of people

A chief pathologist and his team at Heidelberg University Clinic found that the Covid vaccination was the cause of death in 30% of people they examined who died shortly after receiving the vaccine.

Wolfgang Kubicki, the Vice President of the German federal parliament, the Bundestag, has called for an autopsy for those who died shortly after receiving the vaccine, stating that it is necessary to investigate a potential link between the vaccination, myocarditis, and death. Kubicki has suggested that every unexplained death within 14 days of receiving the Covid vaccine should be automatically registered as a suspected case with the Paul Ehrlich Institute. The chief pathologist's study supports the need for these investigations, as the number of deaths potentially caused by the vaccine is significant.

Kubicki also noted that the conditional approval of these vaccines took place under time pressure, making it important to regularly conduct autopsies on individuals who have died within two weeks of receiving the vaccine.

Tino Sorge, the health policy spokesperson for the Union faction in the German federal parliament, the Bundestag, has stated that it is important to have a more transparent approach to the potential side effects and damage caused by Covid vaccinations, given that two years have passed since the first vaccination was administered. Sorge also noted that the recently published study by Peter Schirmacher, the chief pathologist at Heidelberg University Clinic, highlights the lack of knowledge about the risks of the vaccines, even after two years of use.

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