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Canada’s Euthanasia Regime: A Slippery Slope towards a Dystopian Reality?

Earlier this year, I posted a meme on Facebook that brutally skewered CAnada's euthanasia regime. It showed an American doctor telling a patient his stitches would cost $58,000; a British doctor that the waitlist for stitches was 38 months; and a Canadian doctor solicitously inquiring: "Have you considered killing yourself?" (Another variation of the same meme has the doctor bluntly stating: "Kill yourself"-- that's because in Canada, we have the waitlist and the suicide.)

My account on Facebook was restricted and the image was taken down because it went against their guidelines regarding promoting suicide. Surprisingly, the Canadian Association of MAiD Assessors and Providers (CAMAP) is able to operate on Facebook without any restrictions, even though their entire role involves facilitating suicide.

I've noted before in this space that Canada's euthanasia regime has turned us into an international cautionary tale-- a country where we can, as it turns out, have the worst of all worlds. We can have a woke government that talks constantly about helping the poor, but implements euthanasia policies that victimize them (leading to headlines in the international press such as: "Why is Canada euthanizing the poor?") The steady conveyer belt of horror stories as disabled, sick, and desperate Canadians seek lethal injections-- often the only "treatment" they're eligible for in our broken system-- makes the old Mitchell and Webb sketch seem plausible:

The Trudeau government is determined to broaden the scope of assisted suicide to include individuals with mental health issues, despite widespread opposition from various groups, including psychiatrists, medical schools, suicide prevention experts, and advocates for the disabled. This move is particularly concerning given the prime minister's own mother has publicly shared her struggles with mental illness, which would make her eligible for assisted suicide under the proposed changes.

In short, this searing satire from The Babylon Bee isn't far off: "Canadian Healthcare System Introduces Punch Card Where On Your 10th Visit You Get Free Suicide." From The Bee:

Canada's MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying) program has been providing relief to patients and reducing the burden on the healthcare system. An innovative development has been introduced by Parliament to enhance the outcomes: a punch card has been unveiled, enabling patients to access a complimentary assisted death after completing 10 medical appointments.

'From a small-scale maple syrup overdose to a full-blown moose attack, you receive a punch on your card every time you are admitted for an injury or sickness.' The Canadian Healthcare website published a blog this week outlining the new program.

'Filling out your punch card is mandatory, for data tracking purposes. No one sick person can be allowed to drain more than their share of the taxpayer's dollars!'

The Prime Minister applauded the introduction of the new program, presenting it as an opportunity for citizens to be more actively involved in their communities and ensure that no individual becomes a significant drain on resources. Trudeau emphasized the importance of mutual support among Canadians, stating that it is crucial for each citizen to take responsibility for their own impact on the system and be mindful of not wasting taxpayer money on a life that lacks purpose. The punch card system, he explained, serves as a means for individuals to track their hospital visits and be aware of their progress towards a more sustainable future.

For anyone offended by this, I would remind them that Canadians right across the country have been pro-actively offered assisted suicide by doctors-- including millitary veterans suffering from PTSD. Cancer patients have been told that treatment that might save their lives is not available-- but assisted suicide is. A disabled man in a hospital in London recorded an ethicist telling him that he should consider assisted suicide because his care was costing the system so much money. One Canadian doctor told me that his colleagues feel obligated to present "MAiD" as an option-- and that increasingly, sick and vulnerable Canadians will feel obligated to take it. More from The Bee:

Critics have contended that the new approach preys on disabled and impoverished Canadians who may see assisted suicide as their only option, but the criticism has already been quieted since Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau froze the bank accounts of anyone who spoke out against his regime's policies in the comments section of the healthcare website's blog, or on Twitter, or elsewhere. At publishing time, the burden on Canada's healthcare system was further alleviated when Parliament announced that the policy would retroactively apply to people who had already been admitted for 10 prior hospital visits.

That sort of thing provokes what they call a "painful chuckle." The truth is that, as Ross Douthat noted in the New York Times, Canada has already entered a truly dystopian period-- when over 4% of recorded deaths are Canadians being lethally injected by doctors, we're all the way down the slope and there's a huge pile of corpses at the bottom. I really wish that article was more satirical than it is.

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